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Absolute People Search is not affiliated with any government agencies. We are a public record aggregator, we collect a vast variety of public records from many different public and private sources to make them easily accessible to the general public through simple searches.

How public records are stored in Wyoming

In Wyoming, public records are managed and provided by various government agencies at the state, county, and local levels. Some of the key government agencies that provide public records in Wyoming include:

  1. Wyoming Department of Health: Provides access to vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce records.

  2. Wyoming Courts System: Provides access to court records, including civil, criminal, probate, and family court documents. Each county has its Clerk of Courts where these records are typically maintained.

  3. Wyoming Department of Corrections: Provides access to records related to incarcerated individuals, including inmate records and prison information.

  4. Wyoming Department of Transportation: Manages records related to vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, and driving records.

  5. Wyoming Secretary of State: Maintains records related to business entities, including corporate filings, trademarks, and trade names.

  6. Local County Clerk's Offices: Each county in Wyoming typically has a County Clerk's Office that maintains various records, including property deeds, land records, marriage licenses, and court records.

  7. City or Municipal Government Offices: Local government offices often provide access to records such as municipal ordinances, meeting minutes, property assessments, and permits.

  8. Wyoming State Archives: Houses historical records, manuscripts, and other materials relevant to the history of Wyoming and its residents.

It's important to note that while many public records are available for free or at a minimal cost, some agencies may charge fees for accessing certain records or conducting searches. Additionally, the process for requesting and accessing public records may vary depending on the agency and the type of record requested.

Wyoming has 23 county courts, 106 cities with local governments, 380 unincorporated areas, 42 city police departments, and 23 county sheriff's departments.

Wyoming also has 1 state agencies that collect records, which include: Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, etc.

You can select a specific city or county below to learn more about that area and its various agencies. But due to the large number of agencies and their varying capacity to provide records in an efficient manner, it can take a substantial amount of time and effort. Which is why we collect a large amount of records and make it easy to search for someone's complete record set by name and location. Just enter a name to view someone's full report, which also includes additional information like: full contact info, associates, family, address history, assets and social media.

Cities in Wyoming

Please select a city below to access its public records, as well as view statistics about crime, income, education, etc in each city. We also provide instructions on how to directly access public records from government agencies in different cities.

City Population County
Cheyenne 76,456 Laramie
Casper 63,962 Natrona
Gillette 33,047 Campbell
Laramie 31,501 Albany
Rock Springs 23,505 Sweetwater
Sheridan 18,660 Sheridan
Green River 11,887 Sweetwater
Evanston 11,802 Uinta
Jackson 10,728 Teton
Riverton 10,619 Fremont
Cody 10,055 Park
Rawlins 8,382 Carbon
Lander 7,551 Fremont
Powell 6,385 Park
Douglas 6,330 Converse
Torrington 6,196 Goshen
Ranchettes 6,179 Laramie
Worland 4,843 Washakie
Buffalo 4,389 Johnson
South Greeley 4,385 Laramie
Fox Farm-College 4,321 Laramie
Mills 4,106 Natrona
Wheatland 3,567 Platte
Newcastle 3,283 Weston
Glenrock 2,914 Converse
Bar Nunn 2,897 Natrona
Warren AFB 2,884 Laramie
Thermopolis 2,826 Hot Springs
Evansville 2,730 Natrona
Kemmerer 2,632 Lincoln
North Rock Springs 2,497 Sweetwater
Hoback 2,268 Teton
Greybull 2,187 Big Horn
Afton 2,181 Lincoln
Lovell 2,176 Big Horn
Star Valley Ranch 2,168 Lincoln
Pinedale 2,058 Sublette
South Park 1,896 Teton
Wright 1,754 Campbell
Lyman 1,729 Uinta
Saratoga 1,693 Carbon
Arapahoe 1,665 Fremont
Fort Washakie 1,647 Fremont
Lusk 1,577 Niobrara
Ethete 1,561 Fremont
Wilson 1,407 Teton
Sundance 1,361 Crook
Basin 1,356 Big Horn
Pine Bluffs 1,273 Laramie
Grover 1,269 Lincoln
Ranchester 1,211 Sheridan
Marbleton 1,165 Sublette
Sleepy Hollow 1,140 Campbell
Rafter J Ranch 1,139 Teton
Moose Wilson Road 1,130 Teton
Upton 1,031 Weston
Guernsey 1,016 Platte
Mountain View 986 Uinta
Bear River 951 Uinta
Hartrandt 934 Natrona
Red Butte 913 Natrona
Story 887 Sheridan
Dayton 885 Sheridan
Casper Mountain 870 Natrona
Diamondville 830 Lincoln
Powder Horn 826 Sheridan
Alpine 798 Lincoln
Moorcroft 793 Crook
Clearview Acres 771 Sweetwater
Meeteetse 764 Park
Teton Village 733 Teton
Vista West 724 Natrona
Dubois 688 Fremont
Cowley 688 Big Horn
Hanna 678 Carbon
Pine Haven 667 Crook
Shoshoni 664 Fremont
Osmond 615 Lincoln
Rolling Hills 608 Converse
Lucerne 606 Hot Springs
Auburn 577 Lincoln
Cokeville 553 Lincoln
Byron 506 Big Horn
Purple Sage 503 Sweetwater
Thayne 498 Lincoln
Parkman 487 Sheridan
Smoot 479 Lincoln
James Town 479 Sweetwater
Baggs 464 Carbon
Hudson 411 Fremont
Hulett 403 Crook
Big Piney 400 Sublette
Burns 393 Laramie
Sinclair 379 Carbon
Alta 367 Teton
Boulder Flats 363 Fremont
Bedford 361 Lincoln
La Grange 361 Goshen
Ralston 353 Park
Lingle 346 Goshen
Centennial 344 Albany
Medicine Bow 343 Carbon
Nordic 322 Lincoln
Dixon 320 Carbon
La Barge 308 Lincoln
Ten Sleep 305 Washakie
Encampment 297 Carbon
Kaycee 283 Johnson
Pavillion 254 Fremont
Urie 246 Uinta
Rock River 244 Albany
Wamsutter 243 Sweetwater
Garland 234 Park
Alpine Northwest 225 Lincoln
Frannie 224 Big Horn
Reliance 223 Sweetwater
Burlington 219 Big Horn
Johnstown 218 Fremont
Farson 210 Sweetwater
East Thermopolis 207 Hot Springs
Kelly 194 Teton
Fort Laramie 194 Goshen
Albin 193 Laramie
Midwest 193 Natrona
Big Horn 192 Sheridan
Glendo 189 Platte
Eden 184 Sweetwater
Homa Hills 181 Natrona
Chugwater 176 Platte
Hill View Heights 169 Weston
Bairoil 169 Sweetwater
Freedom 168 Lincoln
Carpenter 163 Laramie
Woods Landing-Jelm 156 Albany
Crowheart 138 Fremont
Superior 137 Sweetwater
Turnerville 135 Lincoln
Manville 130 Niobrara
Elk Mountain 129 Carbon
Granger 127 Sweetwater
Chugcreek 125 Platte
Clearmont 124 Sheridan
Y-O Ranch 122 Platte
Brookhurst 115 Natrona
Slater 114 Platte
Bondurant 113 Sublette
Hyattville 111 Big Horn
Bessemer Bend 110 Natrona
Yoder 110 Goshen
Deaver 108 Big Horn
Manderson 104 Big Horn
Whiting 100 Platte
Lakeview North 98 Platte
Fort Bridger 97 Uinta
Taylor 96 Lincoln
Edgerton 94 Natrona
Daniel 92 Sublette
Shell 86 Big Horn
Meadow Acres 82 Natrona
Cora 80 Sublette
Alcova 79 Natrona
Orin 78 Converse
Opal 71 Lincoln
Hartville 68 Platte
McKinnon 67 Sweetwater
Point of Rocks 66 Sweetwater
Fairview 65 Lincoln
Washam 63 Sweetwater
Mammoth 59 Park
Arrowhead Springs 57 Sweetwater
Alpine Northeast 55 Lincoln
Osage 54 Weston
Kirby 48 Hot Springs
Esterbrook 45 Converse
Hawk Springs 42 Goshen
Lance Creek 39 Niobrara
Westview Circle 36 Platte
Fontenelle 31 Lincoln
Hillsdale 29 Laramie
Riverside 26 Carbon
Ryan Park 25 Carbon
Jeffrey City 24 Fremont
Albany 22 Albany
El Rancho 21 Platte
Boulder 19 Sublette
Little America 19 Sweetwater
Huntley 16 Goshen
Van Tassell 16 Niobrara
Lonetree 10 Uinta
Fox Park 10 Albany
Arvada 5 Sheridan
Lost Springs 2 Converse
Owl Creek NA Hot Springs
Robertson NA Uinta
Veteran NA Goshen
Oakley NA Lincoln
Arlington NA Carbon
Atlantic City NA Fremont
Antelope Hills NA Natrona
Beulah NA Crook
Carter NA Uinta
Powder River NA Natrona
Etna NA Lincoln
Table Rock NA Sweetwater
Hiland NA Natrona
Gebo NA Hot Springs
Clifton NA Weston
Aspen NA Uinta
Durham NA Laramie
Tremain NA Laramie
Tracy NA Laramie
Verona NA Sheridan
Vocation NA Park
Washakie Ten NA Washakie
Wyocolo NA Albany
Wyodak NA Campbell
Linch NA Johnson
Pedro NA Weston
Morton NA Converse
Monell NA Sweetwater
Minnesela NA Hot Springs
Westvaco NA Sweetwater
Sherman NA Albany
Croton NA Campbell
Crane NA Platte
Crimson Dawn NA Natrona
Dakoming NA Weston
Dana NA Carbon
Curtis NA Platte
Dad NA Carbon
Davis NA Carbon
Goodland NA Goshen
Air Base Acres NA Natrona
Kleenburn NA Sheridan
Jelm NA Albany
Wind River NA Fremont
Moran NA Teton
Adon NA Campbell
Whitman NA Niobrara
Sunrise NA Platte
Tie Siding NA Albany
West Thumb NA Teton
Wakeley NA Sheridan
Lindbergh NA Laramie
Beckton NA Sheridan
Rockeagle NA Goshen
Midvale NA Fremont
Milford NA Fremont
Miller NA Albany
Meads NA Carbon
Burris NA Fremont
Pixley NA Lincoln
Como NA Carbon
Colter NA Washakie
Cottier NA Goshen
Colores NA Albany
Coyote Springs NA Carbon
Hightower NA Platte
Illco NA Natrona
Uva NA Platte
Dale Creek NA Albany
Emblem NA Big Horn
McFadden NA Carbon
Moneta NA Fremont
Pahaska Tepee NA Park
Speer NA Laramie
Airport Road NA Washakie
Cooper Lake NA Albany
The Buttes NA Albany
Meriden NA Laramie
Sodium NA Natrona
Spence NA Big Horn
Spencer NA Weston
Spotted Horse NA Campbell
Spring Valley NA Uinta
Moose NA Teton
Meadow Lark Lake NA Big Horn
New Haven NA Crook
Node NA Niobrara
Grass Creek NA Hot Springs
Clark NA Park
Carlson NA Lincoln
Borie NA Laramie
Bordeaux NA Platte
Bona NA Converse
Kinnear NA Fremont
Hermosa NA Albany
Holly NA Goshen
South Flat NA Washakie
Deerwood NA Albany
Devils Tower NA Crook
Tipton NA Sweetwater
Sibylee NA Platte
Siddons NA Fremont
Stucco NA Big Horn
Strouds NA Natrona
Sussex NA Johnson
Sunshine NA Park
Frontier NA Lincoln
Orchard Valley NA Laramie
Natwick NA Platte
Natrona NA Natrona
Moxa NA Lincoln
Ucross NA Sheridan
Walcott NA Carbon
Careyhurst NA Converse
Carey NA Converse
Cadoma NA Natrona
Carbon NA Carbon
Canyon Village NA Park
Camel Hump NA Natrona
Saint Stephens NA Fremont
Lookout NA Albany
Himes NA Big Horn
Delfelder NA Fremont
Howell NA Albany
Clayton NA Converse
Arcola NA Laramie
Antelope NA Uinta
Ammon NA Converse
Alva NA Crook
Colter Bay Village NA Teton
Leiter NA Sheridan
Latham NA Sweetwater
Fonda NA Goshen
Leefe NA Lincoln
Madden NA Fremont
Salt Wells NA Sweetwater
Rockypoint NA Campbell
Mountain Home NA Albany
Halfway NA Sublette
Hatton NA Albany
Heldt NA Goshen
Hamilton Dome NA Hot Springs
Grovont NA Teton
Verne NA Uinta
Bonneville NA Fremont
Bucknum NA Natrona
Buffalo Ford NA Park
Bryan NA Sweetwater
Brinton NA Platte
Bronx NA Sublette
Elkhurst NA Uinta
Teckla NA Campbell
Acme NA Sheridan
Boxelder NA Converse
Rozet NA Campbell
Sage NA Lincoln
Shawnee NA Converse
Jay Em NA Goshen
Sweeney Ranch NA Sweetwater
West Lance Creek NA Niobrara
West Laramie NA Albany
West River NA Washakie
Woods Landing NA Albany
Winchester NA Washakie
Buford NA Albany
Kara NA Crook
Carter Cedars NA Uinta
Richardson Acres NA Natrona
Bishop NA Natrona
Birkner Hill NA Converse
Black Buttes NA Sweetwater
Bridger NA Uinta
Boysen NA Fremont
Keystone NA Albany
Ulm NA Sheridan
Athol NA Laramie
Silver Crown NA Laramie
Lysite NA Fremont
Altvan NA Laramie
Leo NA Carbon
Bill NA Converse
Binford NA Albany
Calpet NA Sublette
Otto NA Big Horn
Kane NA Big Horn
Islay NA Laramie
Kanda NA Sweetwater
Hallville NA Sweetwater
Wyarno NA Sheridan
Seminoe Dam NA Carbon
Wilcox NA Albany
Barnum NA Johnson
Baxter NA Sweetwater
Bannock Ford NA Park
Barnes NA Goshen
Beckwith NA Lincoln
Gleason NA Laramie
Waltman NA Natrona
Sussex Unit NA Johnson
Almy NA Uinta
Piedmont NA Uinta
Lost Cabin NA Fremont
Lamont NA Carbon
Bitter Creek NA Sweetwater
Parkerton NA Converse
Peru NA Sweetwater
Pearson NA Natrona
Petrie NA Natrona
Muddy Gap NA Carbon
Wycross NA Goshen
Harriman NA Laramie
Wyoming NA Albany
Colony NA Crook
Paradise Valley NA Natrona
Kendrick NA Sheridan
Keeline NA Niobrara
Lambert NA Laramie
Buckhorn NA Weston
Oriva NA Campbell
Burntfork NA Sweetwater
Badger Basin NA Park
Altamont NA Uinta
Ragan NA Uinta
Badwater NA Natrona
Kirtley NA Niobrara
Allendale NA Natrona
Creston NA Sweetwater
Red Lane NA Hot Springs
Bentley NA Weston
Big Sandy NA Sublette
Saddlestring NA Johnson
Hampton NA Uinta
Wapiti NA Park
Oshoto NA Crook
Colloid NA Weston
Alberta NA Converse
Aladdin NA Crook
Alcova Po NA Natrona
Edson NA Carbon
Cow Hollow NA Natrona
Farthing NA Laramie
Beartown NA Uinta
Beaver Creek NA Teton
Banner NA Sheridan
Horse Creek NA Laramie
Elkol NA Lincoln
Sand Draw NA Fremont
Savery NA Carbon
Echeta NA Campbell
Merna NA Sublette
Weston NA Campbell
South Pass City NA Fremont
Sweetwater Station NA Fremont
Clay Spur NA Weston
Wendover NA Platte
Redbird NA Niobrara
Riverview NA Niobrara
Riview NA Sweetwater
Robinson NA Sweetwater
Midwest Heights NA Natrona
Bosler NA Albany
Duroc NA Goshen
Dwyer NA Platte
Durkee NA Washakie
Dornick NA Hot Springs
South Torrington NA Goshen
Fort Steele NA Carbon
Riner NA Sweetwater
Millburne NA Uinta
Orpha NA Converse
Mantua NA Park
Marse NA Lincoln
Egbert NA Laramie
Arminto NA Natrona
Red Desert NA Sweetwater
Recluse NA Campbell
Rairden NA Big Horn
Quealy NA Sweetwater
Archer NA Laramie
Red Buttes Village NA Natrona
Red Buttes NA Albany
Thornton NA Weston
Lake NA Teton
Carlile NA Crook
Cassa NA Platte
Cherokee NA Sweetwater
Diamond NA Platte
Days NA Carbon
Frewen NA Sweetwater
Fry NA Natrona
Fossil NA Lincoln
Foster NA Converse
Garrett NA Albany
Mayoworth NA Johnson

Counties in Wyoming

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