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Absolute People Search is not affiliated with any government agencies. We are a public record aggregator, we collect a vast variety of public records from many different public and private sources to make them easily accessible to the general public through simple searches.

How public records are stored in Vermont

In Vermont, public records are managed and provided by various government agencies at the state, county, and local levels. Some of the key government agencies that provide public records in Vermont include:

  1. Vermont Department of Health: Provides access to vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce records.

  2. Vermont Judiciary: Provides access to court records, including civil, criminal, probate, and family court documents. Each county has its Clerk of Courts where these records are typically maintained.

  3. Vermont Department of Corrections: Provides access to records related to incarcerated individuals, including inmate records and prison information.

  4. Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): Manages records related to vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, and driving records.

  5. Vermont Secretary of State: Maintains records related to business entities, including corporate filings, trademarks, and trade names.

  6. Local Town Clerk's Offices: Each town in Vermont typically has a Town Clerk's Office that maintains various records, including property deeds, land records, marriage licenses, and other local government documents.

  7. City or Municipal Government Offices: Local government offices often provide access to records such as municipal ordinances, meeting minutes, property assessments, and permits.

  8. Vermont State Archives and Records Administration: Houses historical records, manuscripts, and other materials relevant to the history of Vermont and its residents.

It's important to note that while many public records are available for free or at a minimal cost, some agencies may charge fees for accessing certain records or conducting searches. Additionally, the process for requesting and accessing public records may vary depending on the agency and the type of record requested.

Vermont has 15 county courts, 27 cities with local governments, 749 unincorporated areas, 52 city police departments, and 15 county sheriff's departments.

Vermont also has 7 state agencies that collect records, which include: Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations, Capitol Police, Secretary of State Investigations Unit, Attorney General, Fish and Wildlife Department Law Enforcement Division, Department of Liquor Control Division of Enforcement and Licensing, Department of Motor Vehicles, etc.

You can select a specific city or county below to learn more about that area and its various agencies. But due to the large number of agencies and their varying capacity to provide records in an efficient manner, it can take a substantial amount of time and effort. Which is why we collect a large amount of records and make it easy to search for someone's complete record set by name and location. Just enter a name to view someone's full report, which also includes additional information like: full contact info, associates, family, address history, assets and social media.

Cities in Vermont

Please select a city below to access its public records, as well as view statistics about crime, income, education, etc in each city. We also provide instructions on how to directly access public records from government agencies in different cities.

City Population County
Burlington 115,682 Chittenden
Essex 21,851 Chittenden
South Burlington 20,042 Chittenden
Colchester 17,547 Chittenden
Rutland 15,934 Rutland
Bennington 15,345 Bennington
Brattleboro 12,187 Windham
Milton 10,688 Chittenden
Hartford 10,604 Windsor
Essex Junction 10,473 Chittenden
Williston 9,980 Chittenden
Springfield 9,089 Windsor
Middlebury 9,029 Addison
Barre 8,514 Washington
Winooski 8,015 Chittenden
Montpelier 7,966 Washington
Shelburne 7,682 Chittenden
St. Johnsbury 7,403 Caledonia
St. Albans 6,866 Franklin
Swanton 6,724 Franklin
Northfield 6,271 Washington
Lyndon 5,583 Caledonia
Morristown 5,455 Lamoille
Waterbury 5,240 Washington
Stowe 5,156 Lamoille
Jericho 5,082 Chittenden
Fairfax 4,973 Franklin
Rockingham 4,919 Windham
Georgia 4,833 Franklin
Randolph 4,777 Orange
Hinesburg 4,662 Chittenden
Castleton 4,605 Rutland
Derby 4,559 Orleans
Manchester 4,466 Bennington
Newport 4,446 Orleans
Richmond 4,142 Chittenden
Brandon 4,092 Rutland
Charlotte 3,900 Chittenden
Cambridge 3,821 Lamoille
Bristol 3,789 Addison
Shaftsbury 3,593 Bennington
Norwich 3,584 Windsor
Windsor 3,561 Windsor
Johnson 3,552 Lamoille
Williamstown 3,515 Orange
Highgate 3,486 Franklin
Hartland 3,438 Windsor
Wilder 3,375 Windsor
Pownal 3,290 Bennington
Underhill 3,142 Chittenden
Westminster 3,061 Windham
Poultney 3,059 Rutland
Arlington 3,022 Bennington
Woodstock 3,011 Windsor
Chester 3,010 Windsor
Hyde Park 3,009 Lamoille
Hardwick 2,938 Caledonia
Berlin 2,884 Washington
Pittsford 2,875 Rutland
Barton 2,841 Orleans
Weathersfield 2,836 Windsor
Enosburgh 2,800 Franklin
Bradford 2,789 Orange
White River Junction 2,776 Windsor
West Brattleboro 2,770 Windham
Thetford 2,765 Orange
Royalton 2,755 Windsor
Bellows Falls 2,734 Windham
Fair Haven 2,713 Rutland
Ferrisburgh 2,655 Addison
Vernon 2,587 Windham
Vergennes 2,573 Addison
Putney 2,570 Windham
East Montpelier 2,567 Washington
Richford 2,522 Franklin
Westford 2,510 Chittenden
Clarendon 2,436 Rutland
Wallingford 2,372 Rutland
Morrisville 2,326 Lamoille
Sheldon 2,299 Franklin
Grand Isle 2,250 Grand Isle
West Rutland 2,229 Rutland
Dummerston 2,185 Windham
Danville 2,172 Caledonia
Guilford 2,104 Windham
Manchester Center 2,096 Bennington
Fairfield 2,082 Franklin
Dorset 2,039 Bennington
Newbury 2,038 Orange
Bethel 2,007 Windsor
Starksboro 1,978 Addison
Monkton 1,914 Addison
Middlesex 1,889 Washington
Londonderry 1,886 Windham
Calais 1,845 Washington
Wilmington 1,845 Windham
Proctor 1,841 Rutland
New Haven 1,819 Addison
Ludlow 1,817 Windsor
Newfane 1,807 Windham
Marshfield 1,790 Washington
Alburgh 1,783 Grand Isle
Troy 1,744 Orleans
Wolcott 1,744 Lamoille
Waitsfield 1,735 Washington
Cabot 1,695 Washington
Huntington 1,677 Chittenden
Townshend 1,641 Windham
Warren 1,632 Washington
Sharon 1,616 Windsor
Moretown 1,604 Washington
Whitingham 1,586 Windham
North Bennington 1,539 Bennington
Corinth 1,525 Orange
Chittenden 1,489 Rutland
Proctor 1,470 Rutland
Bakersfield 1,467 Franklin
South Hero 1,464 Grand Isle
Mount Holly 1,444 Rutland
Waterford 1,442 Caledonia
Lunenburg 1,433 Essex
Cavendish 1,415 Windsor
Barnet 1,415 Caledonia
Marlboro 1,405 Windham
Addison 1,386 Addison
Berkshire 1,386 Franklin
Brookfield 1,383 Orange
Burke 1,382 Caledonia
Lincoln 1,379 Addison
Franklin 1,374 Franklin
Enosburg Falls 1,369 Franklin
Eden 1,352 Lamoille
Tunbridge 1,328 Orange
Duxbury 1,325 Washington
Lyndonville 1,317 Caledonia
Shrewsbury 1,283 Rutland
South Barre 1,280 Washington
Chelsea 1,272 Orange
Rochester 1,250 Windsor
Pawlet 1,239 Rutland
Shoreham 1,233 Addison
Strafford 1,223 Orange
West Windsor 1,214 Windsor
North Hero 1,211 Grand Isle
Bridport 1,201 Addison
Salisbury 1,192 Addison
Irasburg 1,174 Orleans
Danby 1,156 Rutland
Groton 1,143 Caledonia
Plainfield 1,138 Washington
Dover 1,130 Windham
Brighton 1,119 Essex
Bolton 1,117 Chittenden
Leicester 1,103 Addison
Fletcher 1,102 Franklin
Fairlee 1,102 Orange
Concord 1,097 Essex
Washington 1,086 Orange
Orleans 1,085 Orleans
Cornwall 1,073 Addison
Glover 1,070 Orleans
Ryegate 1,068 Caledonia
Brownington 1,066 Orleans
Sutton 1,060 Caledonia
Craftsbury 1,058 Orleans
Mendon 1,055 Rutland
Topsham 1,051 Orange
Coventry 1,046 Orleans
Barnard 1,043 Windsor
Elmore 1,040 Lamoille
Roxbury 1,030 Washington
Albany 1,021 Orleans
Orwell 1,019 Addison
Montgomery 1,019 Franklin
Sunderland 1,005 Bennington
Charleston 990 Orleans
Walden 990 Caledonia
Wells 983 Rutland
Bridgewater 980 Windsor
Braintree 978 Orange
Orange 965 Orange
Fayston 954 Washington
Lowell 945 Orleans
Castleton Four Corners 933 Rutland
Stamford 931 Bennington
Worcester 926 Washington
Pomfret 924 Windsor
East Barre 903 Washington
Jamaica 881 Windham
Benson 860 Rutland
Killington 851 Rutland
Hubbardton 845 Rutland
Underhill Flats 843 Chittenden
Island Pond 837 Essex
Wardsboro 818 Windham
Kirby 808 Caledonia
Greensboro 799 Orleans
Peacham 798 Caledonia
Weston 794 Windsor
Morgan 789 Orleans
Canaan 789 Essex
West Fairlee 762 Orange
Woodbury 756 Washington
Derby Line 753 Orleans
Halifax 744 Windham
Middletown Springs 742 Rutland
Panton 734 Addison
Stockbridge 733 Windsor
Tinmouth 732 Rutland
Wheelock 731 Caledonia
Weybridge 730 Addison
Vershire 727 Orange
Westfield 721 Orleans
Readsboro 706 Bennington
Jeffersonville 696 Lamoille
Rupert 685 Bennington
Sheffield 668 Caledonia
Derby Center 667 Orleans
St. George 648 Chittenden
Winhall 648 Bennington
Saxtons River 634 Windham
Graniteville 632 Washington
Newark 603 Caledonia
Holland 595 Orleans
Sudbury 593 Rutland
Grafton 587 Windham
Andover 580 Windsor
Huntington 577 Chittenden
North Troy 570 Orleans
Hartford Village 569 Windsor
Reading 568 Windsor
Pownal 568 Bennington
South Shaftsbury 566 Bennington
Ripton 549 Addison
Pownal Center 546 Bennington
Isle La Motte 541 Grand Isle
North Springfield 540 Windsor
Jay 513 Orleans
Stamford 507 Bennington
Ascutney 505 Windsor
Windham 499 Windham
Brookline 480 Windham
Whiting 480 Addison
Hancock 479 Addison
Athens 472 Windham
North Clarendon 471 Rutland
Sandgate 458 Bennington
Peru 457 Bennington
Waltham 456 Addison
North Hyde Park 442 Lamoille
Pittsfield 440 Rutland
East Middlebury 437 Addison
Killington Village 433 Rutland
North Pownal 429 Bennington
Stratton 417 Windham
Bakersfield 409 Franklin
Plymouth 402 Windsor
Belvidere 400 Lamoille
Waterville 391 Lamoille
Quechee 382 Windsor
South Royalton 375 Windsor
Granville 373 Addison
Wells River 372 Orange
Westmore 370 Orleans
Saint George 366 Chittenden
Baltimore 362 Windsor
Ira 358 Rutland
Lunenburg 333 Essex
Proctorsville 328 Windsor
Lyndon Center 313 Caledonia
Guildhall 312 Essex
West Pawlet 307 Rutland
Greensboro Bend 301 Orleans
East Haven 298 Essex
North Hartland 296 Windsor
Highgate Springs 292 Franklin
South Londonderry 287 Windham
West Haven 285 Rutland
Jacksonville 284 Windham
Woodford 274 Bennington
Websterville 272 Washington
West Woodstock 270 Windsor
Waterbury Center 243 Washington
Bloomfield 236 Essex
Highgate Center 230 Franklin
West Charlotte 229 Chittenden
Harmonyville 222 Windham
Peacham 221 Caledonia
Mount Tabor 218 Rutland
East Poultney 213 Rutland
Maidstone 212 Essex
Wolcott 211 Lamoille
East Dorset 209 Bennington
Pawlet 200 Rutland
Danby 199 Rutland
Stannard 198 Caledonia
Lincoln 197 Addison
West Burke 195 Caledonia
South Lincoln 191 Addison
Sutton 188 Caledonia
Chittenden 186 Rutland
Landgrove 185 Bennington
Newport Center 185 Orleans
Middletown Springs 179 Rutland
East Charlotte 178 Chittenden
Bolton Valley 178 Chittenden
Townshend 178 Windham
Old Bennington 168 Bennington
South Hero 166 Grand Isle
Westford 165 Chittenden
Gilman 163 Essex
Goshen 162 Addison
New Haven 162 Addison
Sheffield 158 Caledonia
Algiers 151 Windham
Lyndon 138 Caledonia
Searsburg 131 Bennington
North Westminster 131 Windham
Huntington Center 125 Chittenden
Londonderry 120 Windham
Wardsboro 119 Windham
Whitingham 118 Windham
Beecher Falls 112 Essex
Norton 103 Essex
Brunswick 95 Essex
East Burke 85 Caledonia
Chimney Hill 68 Windham
Lemington 65 Essex
Underhill Center 60 Chittenden
Victory 59 Essex
Jamaica 57 Windham
Grafton 52 Windham
Granby 50 Essex
West Dummerston 49 Windham
Weston 48 Windsor
Bolton 46 Chittenden
Hanksville 32 Chittenden
Stratton Mountain 30 Bennington
South Woodstock NA Windsor
Weybridge Hill NA Addison
Smithville NA Windsor
Putnamville NA Washington
Simpsonville NA Windham
Bread Loaf NA Addison
Miltonboro NA Chittenden
Montgomery Center NA Franklin
South Newbury NA Orange
Georgia Plains NA Franklin
Pearl NA Grand Isle
Rawsonville NA Windham
McIndoe Falls NA Caledonia
Fairfield Station NA Franklin
Miles Pond NA Essex
Brownsville NA Windsor
Brunswick Springs NA Essex
East Thetford NA Orange
East Sheldon NA Franklin
Cavendish Center NA Windsor
Plymouth Union NA Windsor
Camp Maquam NA Franklin
Adamant NA Washington
Reid Hollow NA Windham
Newbury Center NA Orange
Notown NA Windsor
North Chittenden NA Rutland
North Fayston NA Washington
North Dorset NA Bennington
North Cambridge NA Lamoille
Talcville NA Windsor
Lower Granville NA Addison
Medburyville NA Windham
Westminster West NA Windham
South Cabot NA Washington
Bartonsville NA Windham
Healdville NA Rutland
Florence NA Rutland
Passumpsic NA Caledonia
Morgan Center NA Orleans
South Franklin NA Franklin
Garfield NA Lamoille
Gassetts NA Windsor
Walnut Ledge NA Chittenden
Evansville NA Orleans
Ewells Mills NA Caledonia
Blissville NA Rutland
Middletown NA Windsor
East Charleston NA Orleans
East Calais NA Washington
East Brookfield NA Orange
East Brighton NA Essex
Lower Websterville NA Washington
Brownington Center NA Orleans
Cream Hill NA Addison
Bullthroat NA Essex
Browns Mill NA Essex
Spoonerville NA Windsor
South Washington NA Orange
South Walden NA Caledonia
South Vershire NA Orange
South Newport NA Orleans
Greenbank Hollow NA Caledonia
Simms Hill NA Essex
Sheffield Square NA Caledonia
Paper Mill Village NA Bennington
Lakeside NA Caledonia
Belvidere Center NA Lamoille
North Thetford NA Orange
North Shrewsbury NA Rutland
North Vernon NA Windham
Tarbellville NA Rutland
Williamsville Station NA Windham
Williamsville NA Windham
Barnumtown NA Addison
Shaftsbury Center NA Bennington
Sheldon Springs NA Franklin
Fonda NA Franklin
South Alburg NA Grand Isle
South Albany NA Orleans
South Lunenburg NA Essex
South Hinesburg NA Chittenden
Houghtonville NA Windham
East Highgate NA Franklin
Jonesville NA Chittenden
Gallup Mills NA Essex
West Berlin NA Washington
Walden Heights NA Caledonia
Stevens Mills NA Franklin
Stevensville NA Chittenden
East Corinth NA Orange
East Craftsbury NA Orleans
East Enosburg NA Franklin
East Dummerston NA Windham
East Fletcher NA Franklin
East Fairfield NA Franklin
East Hardwick NA Caledonia
East Franklin NA Franklin
Prospect Hill NA Rutland
Crystal Beach NA Rutland
Bondville NA Bennington
Fernville NA Addison
Downers NA Windsor
West Bolton NA Chittenden
West Barnet NA Caledonia
West Berkshire NA Franklin
West Branch NA Lamoille
Fairfax Falls NA Franklin
Northfield Falls NA Washington
Northfield Center NA Washington
North Windham NA Windham
North Williston NA Chittenden
Benson Landing NA Rutland
Checkerberry Village NA Chittenden
Chateauguay NA Windsor
Taylor Bridge NA Caledonia
Belmont NA Rutland
Simonsville NA Windsor
Perkinsville NA Windsor
Lanesboro NA Washington
Sherburne Center NA Rutland
Shipman Hill NA Chittenden
Lower Cabot NA Washington
South Wallingford NA Rutland
South Wardsboro NA Windham
Thetford Center NA Orange
Thetford Hill NA Orange
East Hubbardton NA Rutland
East Johnson NA Lamoille
Bordoville NA Franklin
South Peacham NA Caledonia
South Newfane NA Windham
South Northfield NA Washington
South Pomfret NA Windsor
South Poultney NA Rutland
South Randolph NA Orange
Morses Line NA Franklin
Morses Mills NA Caledonia
Moscow NA Lamoille
West Bridgewater NA Windsor
West Corinth NA Orange
East Albany NA Orleans
East Alburg NA Grand Isle
East Barnard NA Windsor
Downingville NA Addison
Burnham Hollow NA Rutland
Green Bay NA Caledonia
West Arlington NA Bennington
West Addison NA Addison
Pikes Falls NA Windham
Alburg Center NA Grand Isle
Scottsville NA Rutland
North Montpelier NA Washington
Clarendon Springs NA Rutland
Cadys Falls NA Lamoille
The Island NA Windsor
Tice NA Orleans
South Starksboro NA Addison
Bradford Center NA Orange
South Tunbridge NA Orange
South Strafford NA Orange
Lympus NA Windsor
Russellville NA Rutland
Cedar Beach NA Chittenden
Hortonia NA Rutland
Upper Graniteville NA Washington
Mount Pleasant NA Rutland
East Concord NA Essex
South Reading NA Windsor
South Ryegate NA Caledonia
Georgia Center NA Franklin
Maquam NA Franklin
East Braintree NA Orange
East Bethel NA Windsor
East Berkshire NA Franklin
West Glover NA Orleans
West Hartford NA Windsor
Emerson NA Windsor
North Ferrisburgh Station NA Addison
North Ferrisburgh NA Addison
Rocky Dale NA Addison
Green River NA Windham
West Wardsboro NA Windham
West Lincoln NA Addison
West Townshend NA Windham
West Dover NA Windham
West Jamaica NA Windham
Lake Dunmore NA Addison
Barnumville NA Bennington
Michigan NA Rutland
West Danville NA Caledonia
West Enosburg NA Franklin
West Fairlee Center NA Orange
West Fletcher NA Franklin
West Georgia NA Franklin
North Sheldon NA Franklin
North Rupert NA Bennington
North Royalton NA Windsor
North Randolph NA Orange
North Pomfret NA Windsor
North Pawlet NA Rutland
French Hollow NA Bennington
Freedleyville NA Bennington
Chippenhook NA Rutland
Hammondsville NA Windsor
Thompsonburg NA Windham
Kansas NA Bennington
Pottersville NA Lamoille
South Richford NA Franklin
Grahamsville NA Windsor
Bowlsville NA Rutland
Perry NA Caledonia
Peth NA Orange
Satans Kingdom NA Addison
Randolph Center NA Orange
Averill NA Essex
Avalon Beach NA Rutland
Colbyville NA Washington
Sunmit NA Caledonia
South Windham NA Windham
South Woodbury NA Washington
Samsonville NA Franklin
Jericho Center NA Chittenden
North Underhill NA Chittenden
Prosper NA Windsor
Mackville NA Caledonia
Edgewater NA Washington
Camp Grounds NA Franklin
Cambridgeport NA Windham
Camp Brook NA Windsor
Bomoseen NA Rutland
Jenneville NA Windsor
Gorhamtown NA Rutland
Goslants Mill NA Caledonia
Gordon Landing NA Grand Isle
Ithiel Falls NA Lamoille
Grove NA Windham
Gaysville NA Windsor
East Granville NA Addison
East Dover NA Windham
East Jamaica NA Windham
East Kansas NA Bennington
West Brookfield NA Orange
West Charleston NA Orleans
West Castleton NA Rutland
Nashville NA Chittenden
Goose City NA Windham
North Calais NA Washington
Union Village NA Orange
Taftsville NA Windsor
Tupper NA Windsor
Jerusalem NA Addison
North Wolcott NA Lamoille
Whitesville NA Windsor
Starr Farm Beach NA Chittenden
Highgate Falls NA Franklin
Goulds Mill NA Windsor
Robinson NA Windsor
Rockville NA Addison
Rices Mills NA Orange
Cuttingsville NA Rutland
Cloverdale NA Chittenden
Hyde Manor NA Rutland
Hydeville NA Rutland
Boltonville NA Orange
Saint Rocks NA Franklin
Old City NA Orange
Binghamville NA Franklin
Stowe Fork NA Lamoille
Enosburg Center NA Franklin
Danville Center NA Caledonia
Mosquitoville NA Caledonia
Moccasin Mill NA Essex
Lindsay Beach NA Orleans
Lost Nation NA Essex
East Warren NA Washington
East Monkton NA Addison
East Pittsford NA Rutland
East Wallingford NA Rutland
East Rupert NA Bennington
West Milton NA Chittenden
Podunk NA Windham
Newark Hollow NA Caledonia
Saint Johnsbury Center NA Caledonia
Foxville NA Orange
South Cambridge NA Lamoille
Lilliesville NA Windsor
Lewiston NA Grafton
Hardwick Street NA Caledonia
Hardwick Center NA Caledonia
Weathersfield Bow NA Windsor
Reedville NA Windsor
Mechanicsville NA Chittenden
Melville Landing NA Franklin
Hutchins NA Franklin
Bridgewater Center NA Windsor
Oakland NA Franklin
Lower Village NA Lamoille
Lower Waterford NA Caledonia
Cookville NA Orange
Chimney Point NA Addison
Cold River NA Rutland
Cold Spring NA Rutland
Copper Flat NA Orange
Brookside NA Windham
Hectorville NA Franklin
Readsboro Falls NA Bennington
West Groton NA Caledonia
West Halifax NA Windham
West Guilford NA Windham
West Hill NA Franklin
Nevesville NA Caledonia
Neshobe Beach NA Rutland
Shelburne Falls NA Chittenden
Shawville NA Franklin
Sheddsville NA Windsor
Millbrook NA Windsor
Beebe Plain NA Orleans
South End NA Rutland
Harvey Hollow NA Caledonia
Hartwellville NA Essex
Waitsfield Common NA Washington
Wardsboro Center NA Windham
Hortonville NA Rutland
Brockways Mills NA Windham
Brookfield Center NA Orange
Richville NA Bennington
Riverside NA Windsor
South Corinth NA Orange
Forest Dale NA Rutland
North Chester NA Windsor
East Ryegate NA Caledonia
East Saint Johnsbury NA Caledonia
East Roxbury NA Washington
East Richford NA Franklin
East Randolph NA Orange
East Putney NA Windham
Dothan NA Windsor
West Cornwall NA Addison
Chiselville NA Bennington
Ames Hill NA Windham
Amsden NA Windsor
Deweys Mills NA Windsor
Butternut NA Rutland
East Greensboro NA Orleans
East Cabot NA Washington
Dowsville NA Washington
Fieldsville NA Windsor
Farmingdale NA Addison
Egypt NA Caledonia
East Wells NA Rutland
Folsom NA Caledonia
North Enosburg NA Franklin
North Fairfax NA Franklin
North Concord NA Essex
North Danville NA Caledonia
North Derby NA Orleans
North Duxbury NA Washington
West Swanton NA Franklin
West Topsham NA Orange
West View NA Chittenden
West Salisbury NA Addison
West Sandgate NA Bennington
South Duxbury NA Washington
South Dorset NA Bennington
Harrisville NA Windham
Greenbush NA Windsor
Brooksville NA Addison
East Arlington NA Bennington
Baileys Mills NA Windsor
East Lyndon NA Caledonia
East Montpelier Center NA Washington
Lake Park NA Orleans
Lake Elmore NA Lamoille
Ricker Mills NA Caledonia
Twin Orchards NA Chittenden
Beartown NA Bennington
Beldens NA Addison
Braintree Hill NA Orange
Albany Center NA Orleans
Beanville NA Orange
Mill Village NA Orleans
Bragg NA Windsor
West Braintree NA Orange
Russtown NA Windsor
Post Mills NA Orange
East Orange NA Orange
East Peacham NA Caledonia
Alburg NA Grand Isle
Vershire Center NA Orange
Vershire Heights NA Orange
Tillotson Mill NA Orleans
Texas NA Essex
Stacy Crossroads NA Rutland
Stevens NA Essex
Washington Heights NA Orange
New Boston NA Windsor
New Haven Mills NA Addison
Heartwellville NA Bennington
Center Rutland NA Rutland
Centerville NA Lamoille
Centertown NA Windsor
Manchester Depot NA Bennington
MacIntyre NA Bennington
West Rupert NA Bennington
West Norwich NA Windsor
West Newbury NA Orange
Sodom NA Bennington
Shady Rill NA Washington
Malletts Bay NA Chittenden
Pleasant Valley NA Lamoille
East Clarendon NA Rutland
Monkton Ridge NA Addison
Monkton Boro NA Addison
Gilberts Tannery NA Franklin
Brownington Village NA Orleans
Irasville NA Washington
Alpine Village NA Washington
Saint Albans Bay NA Franklin
North Tunbridge NA Orange
Point of Pines NA Rutland
Eden Mills NA Lamoille
Ecole Champlain NA Addison
North Sherburne NA Rutland
West Springfield NA Windsor
South Vernon NA Windham
Guilford Center NA Windham
Alfrecha NA Rutland
West Bridport NA Addison
Wenlock NA Essex
West Settlement NA Lamoille
West Waterford NA Caledonia
West Tinmouth NA Rutland
Willow Point NA Addison
Whitneyville NA Windham
East Shoreham NA Addison
North Landgrove NA Bennington
Fayville NA Bennington

Counties in Vermont

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