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Absolute People Search is not affiliated with any government agencies. We are a public record aggregator, we collect a vast variety of public records from many different public and private sources to make them easily accessible to the general public through simple searches.

How public records are stored in Nebraska

In Nebraska, public records are managed and provided by various government agencies at the state, county, and local levels. Some of the key government agencies that provide public records in Nebraska include:

  1. Nebraska Secretary of State: Maintains records related to business entities, including corporate filings, trademarks, and trade names.

  2. Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services: Provides access to vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce records.

  3. Nebraska Courts System: Provides access to court records, including civil, criminal, probate, and family court documents. Each county has its Clerk of District Court's office where these records are typically maintained.

  4. Nebraska Department of Correctional Services: Provides access to records related to incarcerated individuals, including inmate records and prison information.

  5. Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles: Manages records related to vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, and driving records.

  6. Local County Clerk's Offices: Each county in Nebraska typically has a County Clerk's Office that maintains various records, including property deeds, land records, marriage licenses, and court records.

  7. City or Municipal Government Offices: Local government offices often provide access to records such as municipal ordinances, meeting minutes, property assessments, and permits.

  8. Nebraska State Historical Society: Houses historical records, manuscripts, and other materials relevant to the history of Nebraska and its residents.

It's important to note that while many public records are available for free or at a minimal cost, some agencies may charge fees for accessing certain records or conducting searches. Additionally, the process for requesting and accessing public records may vary depending on the agency and the type of record requested.

Nebraska has 93 county courts, 535 cities with local governments, 435 unincorporated areas, 90 city police departments, and 93 county sheriff's departments.

Nebraska also has 2 state agencies that collect records, which include: Union Pacific Railroad Police Department, Nebraska State Fire Marshal, etc.

You can select a specific city or county below to learn more about that area and its various agencies. But due to the large number of agencies and their varying capacity to provide records in an efficient manner, it can take a substantial amount of time and effort. Which is why we collect a large amount of records and make it easy to search for someone's complete record set by name and location. Just enter a name to view someone's full report, which also includes additional information like: full contact info, associates, family, address history, assets and social media.

Cities in Nebraska

Please select a city below to access its public records, as well as view statistics about crime, income, education, etc in each city. We also provide instructions on how to directly access public records from government agencies in different cities.

City Population County
Omaha 806,485 Douglas
Lincoln 289,136 Lancaster
Bellevue 62,888 Sarpy
Grand Island 52,755 Hall
Kearney 33,558 Buffalo
Fremont 27,245 Dodge
Hastings 25,247 Adams
Norfolk 24,964 Madison
Columbus 23,954 Platte
Papillion 23,875 Sarpy
North Platte 23,543 Lincoln
La Vista 16,786 Sarpy
Scottsbluff 14,511 Scotts Bluff
South Sioux City 13,796 Dakota
Beatrice 12,276 Gage
Chalco 10,688 Sarpy
Lexington 10,325 Dawson
Gering 8,521 Scotts Bluff
Alliance 8,141 Box Butte
York 8,091 York
Blair 7,725 Washington
Seward 7,651 Seward
McCook 7,425 Red Willow
Crete 7,224 Saline
Nebraska City 7,206 Otoe
Plattsmouth 6,558 Cass
Schuyler 6,526 Colfax
Sidney 6,473 Cheyenne
Ralston 6,453 Douglas
Wayne 5,847 Wayne
Holdrege 5,485 Phelps
Chadron 5,376 Dawes
Offutt AFB 5,375 Sarpy
Gretna 5,106 Sarpy
Ogallala 4,831 Keith
Wahoo 4,754 Saunders
Aurora 4,642 Hamilton
Waverly 4,208 Lancaster
Falls City 4,130 Richardson
Cozad 3,960 Dawson
Fairbury 3,916 Jefferson
O'Neill 3,590 Holt
Broken Bow 3,522 Custer
West Point 3,481 Cuming
Gothenburg 3,476 Dawson
Auburn 3,443 Nemaha
Ashland 3,099 Saunders
Central City 3,025 Merrick
Minden 2,992 Kearney
Valley 2,982 Douglas
David City 2,981 Butler
Dakota City 2,822 Dakota
Valentine 2,634 Cherry
Hickman 2,552 Lancaster
Milford 2,547 Seward
St. Paul 2,497 Howard
Kimball 2,323 Kimball
Bennington 2,257 Douglas
Imperial 2,157 Chase
Geneva 2,062 Fillmore
Ord 2,049 Valley
Wilber 1,984 Saline
Madison 1,955 Madison
Pierce 1,932 Pierce
Gibbon 1,911 Buffalo
Tekamah 1,909 Burt
Mitchell 1,890 Scotts Bluff
Syracuse 1,870 Otoe
Tecumseh 1,835 Johnson
Stanton 1,814 Stanton
Superior 1,777 Nuckolls
Albion 1,714 Boone
Gordon 1,701 Sheridan
Woodland Park 1,621 Stanton
Neligh 1,597 Antelope
Bridgeport 1,578 Morrill
Fullerton 1,573 Nance
Oakland 1,571 Burt
Springfield 1,556 Sarpy
Hebron 1,526 Thayer
Hartington 1,499 Cedar
Louisville 1,464 Cass
North Bend 1,459 Dodge
Grant 1,456 Perkins
Arlington 1,451 Washington
Sutton 1,448 Clay
Wood River 1,442 Hall
Ravenna 1,440 Buffalo
Atkinson 1,438 Holt
Sutherland 1,436 Lincoln
Ainsworth 1,432 Brown
Wymore 1,408 Gage
Battle Creek 1,397 Madison
Shelton 1,393 Buffalo
Plainview 1,389 Pierce
Wakefield 1,341 Dixon
Wisner 1,323 Cuming
Ceresco 1,317 Saunders
Yutan 1,304 Saunders
Alma 1,276 Harlan
Bayard 1,271 Morrill
Cambridge 1,267 Furnas
Elm Creek 1,267 Buffalo
Pender 1,194 Thurston
Bennet 1,166 Lancaster
Friend 1,156 Saline
Cairo 1,136 Hall
Creighton 1,126 Knox
Fort Calhoun 1,118 Washington
Harvard 1,112 Clay
Burwell 1,064 Garfield
Weeping Water 1,055 Cass
Utica 1,048 Seward
Rushville 1,046 Sheridan
Eagle 1,038 Cass
Randolph 1,035 Cedar
Tilden 1,030 Madison
Hooper 1,025 Dodge
Waterloo 1,022 Douglas
Stromsburg 1,010 Polk
Red Cloud 1,009 Webster
Arapahoe 1,004 Furnas
Laurel 981 Cedar
Loup City 973 Sherman
Crawford 950 Dawes
Newman Grove 947 Madison
Benkelman 938 Dundy
Arnold 917 Custer
Macy 915 Thurston
Humboldt 913 Richardson
Crofton 911 Knox
Minatare 905 Scotts Bluff
Doniphan 903 Hall
Pawnee City 899 Pawnee
Chappell 888 Deuel
Bloomfield 887 Knox
Henderson 886 York
Franklin 881 Franklin
Walthill 880 Thurston
Blue Hill 865 Webster
Winnebago 858 Thurston
Kenesaw 857 Adams
Emerson 854 Dixon
Genoa 841 Nance
Osceola 834 Polk
Peru 833 Nemaha
Ponca 832 Dixon
Terrytown 826 Scotts Bluff
Cedar Bluffs 819 Saunders
Boys Town 818 Douglas
Deshler 801 Thayer
Curtis 794 Frontier
Axtell 793 Kearney
Oshkosh 787 Garden
Oxford 781 Furnas
Clay Center 774 Clay
Humphrey 768 Platte
Overton 767 Dawson
Osmond 752 Pierce
Morrill 741 Scotts Bluff
Shelby 731 Polk
Bertrand 730 Phelps
Elmwood 727 Cass
Beemer 715 Cuming
Lyons 712 Burt
Fairmont 699 Fillmore
Scribner 697 Dodge
Elgin 694 Antelope
Juniata 675 Adams
Hershey 664 Lincoln
Howells 657 Colfax
Hemingford 657 Box Butte
Palmyra 652 Otoe
Wauneta 637 Chase
Clarkson 636 Colfax
Duncan 632 Platte
Bassett 629 Rock
Alda 629 Hall
McCool Junction 619 York
Ansley 618 Custer
Hay Springs 614 Sheridan
St. Edward 610 Boone
Wausa 610 Knox
Callaway 608 Custer
De Witt 600 Saline
Inglewood 599 Dodge
Elwood 596 Gosper
Paxton 593 Keith
Sterling 590 Johnson
Mead 590 Saunders
Verdigre 567 Knox
Valparaiso 554 Saunders
Greenwood 548 Cass
Adams 540 Gage
Bancroft 529 Cuming
Cortland 529 Gage
Glenwood 525 Buffalo
Stuart 525 Holt
Cedar Rapids 523 Boone
Exeter 516 Fillmore
Sargent 515 Custer
Decatur 507 Burt
Winside 503 Wayne
Nickerson 499 Dodge
Trenton 498 Hitchcock
Dorchester 490 Saline
Bellwood 488 Butler
Beaver City 488 Furnas
Culbertson 487 Hitchcock
Brady 484 Lincoln
Indianola 474 Red Willow
Petersburg 469 Boone
Murray 467 Cass
Edgar 466 Clay
Walton 464 Lancaster
Dodge 460 Dodge
Ewing 454 Holt
Firth 452 Lancaster
Coleridge 447 Cedar
Hildreth 442 Franklin
Bartley 438 Red Willow
Platte Center 437 Platte
Bradshaw 435 York
Chambers 427 Holt
Orchard 427 Antelope
Silver Creek 425 Merrick
Eustis 425 Frontier
Hampton 423 Hamilton
Big Springs 423 Deuel
Plymouth 422 Jefferson
Kennard 422 Washington
Davenport 421 Thayer
Nelson 418 Nuckolls
Pleasanton 417 Buffalo
Lyman 417 Scotts Bluff
Allen 416 Dixon
Mullen 412 Hooker
Cook 401 Johnson
Rising City 401 Butler
Cedar Creek 399 Cass
Homer 395 Dakota
Orleans 395 Harlan
Greeley Center 394 Greeley
Newcastle 392 Dixon
Giltner 391 Hamilton
Herman 389 Washington
Leigh 388 Colfax
Stratton 386 Hitchcock
Wilcox 385 Kearney
Palmer 385 Merrick
Loomis 383 Phelps
Brainard 382 Butler
Beaver Crossing 373 Seward
Malcolm 373 Lancaster
Unadilla 371 Otoe
Oakdale 368 Antelope
Table Rock 368 Pawnee
Glenvil 365 Clay
Weston 365 Saunders
Scotia 363 Greeley
Palisade 362 Hitchcock
Fairfield 360 Clay
Shickley 354 Fillmore
Butte 352 Boyd
Arcadia 350 Valley
Merna 341 Custer
Potter 338 Cheyenne
Spalding 335 Greeley
Campbell 334 Franklin
Clarks 333 Merrick
Clearwater 330 Antelope
Dix 326 Kimball
Polk 323 Polk
Niobrara 323 Knox
Santee 320 Knox
Stapleton 318 Logan
Sumner 314 Dawson
Dalton 312 Cheyenne
Snyder 311 Dodge
St. Libory 310 Howard
Maywood 309 Frontier
Monroe 309 Platte
Odell 308 Gage
Riverdale 307 Buffalo
Lawrence 305 Nuckolls
Long Pine 305 Brown
Pleasant Dale 303 Seward
Clatonia 302 Gage
Staplehurst 302 Seward
Litchfield 301 Sherman
Hoskins 296 Wayne
Spencer 294 Boyd
Hadar 292 Pierce
Pilger 288 Stanton
Carroll 288 Wayne
Gurley 287 Cheyenne
Wolbach 287 Greeley
Garland 286 Seward
Lakeview 286 Platte
Benedict 285 York
Chapman 285 Merrick
Brule 280 Keith
Lodgepole 279 Cheyenne
Otoe 276 Otoe
Wallace 275 Lincoln
Lindsay 268 Platte
Bruning 268 Thayer
Bee 267 Seward
Phillips 264 Hamilton
Chester 263 Thayer
Prague 263 Saunders
Raymond 261 Lancaster
Maxwell 260 Lincoln
Hallam 258 Lancaster
Johnson 258 Nemaha
Panama 254 Lancaster
North Loup 250 Valley
Hayes Center 248 Hayes
Holbrook 247 Furnas
Verdon 245 Richardson
Milligan 243 Fillmore
Amherst 242 Buffalo
Goehner 241 Seward
Elba 241 Howard
Guide Rock 237 Webster
Diller 236 Jefferson
Jackson 236 Dakota
Holstein 234 Adams
Gresham 233 York
Harrison 233 Sioux
Wynot 232 Cedar
Trumbull 231 Clay
Waco 231 York
Ashton 230 Sherman
Uehling 229 Dodge
Lewellen 229 Garden
Douglas 228 Otoe
Murdock 227 Cass
Blue Springs 227 Gage
Talmage 225 Otoe
Overland 223 Hamilton
Madrid 223 Perkins
Marquette 221 Hamilton
Roseland 219 Adams
Meadow Grove 218 Madison
Dwight 212 Butler
Pickrell 210 Gage
Dannebrog 210 Howard
Fordyce 207 Cedar
Western 206 Saline
Shubert 206 Richardson
Cody 206 Cherry
Hordville 202 Hamilton
Union 202 Cass
Endicott 200 Jefferson
Dunbar 200 Otoe
Lynch 198 Boyd
Hardy 197 Nuckolls
Dawson 196 Richardson
Manley 196 Cass
Springview 195 Keya Paha
Funk 194 Phelps
Yankee Hill 194 Lancaster
Bladen 194 Webster
Avoca 191 Cass
Carleton 189 Thayer
Bushnell 188 Kimball
Howard City 187 Howard
Nehawka 186 Cass
Brunswick 186 Antelope
Octavia 184 Butler
Stamford 184 Harlan
Rosalie 183 Thurston
Woodland Hills 181 Otoe
Miller 178 Buffalo
Thedford 177 Thomas
Taylor 177 Loup
Creston 174 Platte
Grafton 172 Fillmore
Denton 169 Lancaster
Hubbard 169 Dakota
Edison 168 Furnas
Belgrade 167 Nance
Roca 167 Lancaster
Ulysses 166 Butler
Farnam 164 Dawson
Washington 163 Washington
Center 161 Knox
Page 160 Holt
Concord 160 Dixon
Republican City 158 Harlan
Brownville 158 Nemaha
Oconto 153 Custer
Daykin 153 Jefferson
Max 153 Dundy
Haigler 152 Dundy
Venango 151 Perkins
Stella 151 Richardson
Elsie 151 Perkins
Naper 150 Boyd
Ruskin 148 Nuckolls
Inman 148 Holt
Linwood 145 Butler
Hyannis 144 Grant
Cheney 144 Lancaster
Mason City 143 Custer
Upland 143 Franklin
Davey 142 Lancaster
Belden 141 Cedar
Rockville 141 Sherman
Malmo 141 Saunders
Craig 140 Burt
Naponee 136 Franklin
La Platte 135 Sarpy
Martell 134 Lancaster
Ithaca 133 Saunders
Tryon 131 McPherson
Steinauer 130 Pawnee
Barneston 127 Gage
Merriman 125 Cherry
Princeton 125 Lancaster
Leshara 124 Saunders
Broadwater 122 Morrill
Melbeta 122 Scotts Bluff
Bartlett 119 Wheeler
Roscoe 115 Keith
Swanton 114 Saline
Ayr 113 Adams
Anselmo 112 Custer
Winslow 111 Dodge
Loretto 110 Boone
South Bend 108 Cass
Eddyville 107 Dawson
Jansen 107 Jefferson
Sprague 106 Lancaster
Bloomington 106 Franklin
Thurston 105 Thurston
Ohiowa 104 Fillmore
St. Helena 104 Cedar
Arthur 104 Arthur
Du Bois 103 Pawnee
Elk Creek 102 Johnson
Cordova 102 Seward
Rulo 102 Richardson
Filley 101 Gage
Atlanta 100 Phelps
Kilgore 100 Cherry
Smithfield 99 Gosper
Ericson 99 Wheeler
Salem 99 Richardson
McLean 99 Pierce
Colon 98 Saunders
Morse Bluff 97 Saunders
Nemaha 97 Nemaha
Alvo 96 Cass
Farwell 96 Howard
Heartwell 95 Kearney
Bruno 92 Butler
Brock 92 Nemaha
Alexandria 92 Thayer
Bow Valley 92 Cedar
Comstock 91 Custer
Odessa 90 Buffalo
Dixon 90 Dixon
Byron 89 Thayer
Burchard 88 Pawnee
Henry 84 Scotts Bluff
Riverton 84 Franklin
Tobias 84 Saline
Prosser 82 Adams
Martin 82 Keith
Sarben 82 Keith
Belmar 81 Keith
Reynolds 80 Jefferson
Crookston 80 Cherry
Harbine 80 Jefferson
Melia 79 Sarpy
Berwyn 79 Custer
Waterbury 76 Dixon
Rogers 75 Colfax
Bristow 75 Boyd
Sunol 72 Cheyenne
Cushing 71 Howard
Dunning 71 Blaine
Wann 70 Saunders
Martinsburg 70 Dixon
Lemoyne 70 Keith
Royal 69 Antelope
Whitney 69 Dawes
Maskell 68 Dixon
Fontanelle 67 Washington
Richland 66 Colfax
Harrisburg 66 Banner
McGrew 66 Scotts Bluff
King Lake 66 Douglas
Memphis 64 Saunders
Lebanon 63 Red Willow
Clinton 62 Sheridan
Hubbell 61 Thayer
Liberty 60 Gage
Elyria 60 Valley
Inavale 58 Webster
Wellfleet 56 Lincoln
Surprise 56 Butler
Saronville 55 Clay
Julian 55 Nemaha
Archer 55 Merrick
Primrose 55 Boone
Danbury 54 Red Willow
Ong 53 Clay
Newport 52 Rock
Halsey 51 Thomas
Hamlet 50 Hayes
Virginia 50 Gage
Gandy 49 Logan
Magnet 48 Cedar
Belvidere 48 Thayer
Abie 48 Butler
Richfield 47 Sarpy
Holmesville 47 Gage
Winnetoon 45 Knox
Moorefield 42 Frontier
Huntley 42 Harlan
Hazard 41 Sherman
Lewiston 40 Pawnee
Crab Orchard 40 Johnson
Steele City 39 Jefferson
Norman 38 Kearney
Nenzel 37 Cherry
Anoka 37 Boyd
Bazile Mills 37 Knox
Champion 36 Chase
Thayer 34 York
Hendley 34 Furnas
Garrison 34 Butler
Berea 33 Box Butte
Wilsonville 32 Furnas
Seneca 31 Thomas
Preston 31 Richardson
Cotesfield 31 Howard
Verdel 30 Knox
Gilead 29 Thayer
Keystone 29 Keith
Foster 29 Pierce
Lorton 28 Otoe
Wood Lake 27 Cherry
Venice 27 Douglas
Brewster 27 Blaine
Deweese 26 Clay
Sholes 25 Wayne
Burr 25 Otoe
Cornlea 25 Platte
Strang 24 Fillmore
Barada 23 Richardson
Obert 23 Cedar
Nora 23 Nuckolls
Stockham 22 Hamilton
Tamora 22 Seward
Aten 21 Cedar
Lisco 21 Garden
Emmet 21 Holt
Linoma Beach 19 Sarpy
Lushton 19 York
Johnstown 18 Brown
Westerville 18 Custer
Tarnov 18 Platte
Beacon View 17 Sarpy
Lindy 17 Knox
Poole 15 Buffalo
Gross 14 Boyd
Cowles 14 Webster
Ragan 12 Harlan
Oak 10 Nuckolls
Parks 9 Dundy
Lamar 9 Chase
Stockville 7 Frontier
Brownlee 7 Cherry
Emerald 4 Lancaster
Agnew NA Lancaster
Willow Island NA Dawson
White Clay NA Sheridan
Prairie Home NA Lancaster
Enders NA Chase
Burton NA Keya Paha
Kramer NA Lancaster
Ames NA Dodge
Monowi NA Boyd
Raeville NA Boone
Inland NA Clay
Lorenzo NA Cheyenne
Hartman NA Scotts Bluff
Bingham NA Sheridan
Haig NA Scotts Bluff
Krakow NA Nance
Trout NA Scotts Bluff
Trued NA Dawson
Todd NA Cass
Tony NA Scotts Bluff
Townhall NA Fillmore
Swedeburg NA Saunders
Sweetwater NA Buffalo
Tangeman NA Otoe
Tewsville NA Knox
Pine Lake NA Lancaster
Gates NA Custer
Gilmore NA Sarpy
Hanlon NA Lancaster
Brocksburg NA Keya Paha
Millis Beach NA Dakota
Belfast NA Greeley
Debolt NA Douglas
Stegall NA Scotts Bluff
Deverre NA Garfield
Essen NA Burt
Emerick NA Madison
Etna NA Custer
Flats NA McPherson
Finchville NA Custer
Freedom NA Frontier
Gables NA Garfield
Rockford NA Gage
Wabash NA Cass
Macon NA Franklin
Shippee NA Red Willow
Howe NA Nemaha
Lillian NA Custer
Atkins NA Morrill
Arbor NA Lancaster
Arabia NA Cherry
Arborville NA York
Anan NA Clay
Anncar NA Holt
Andrews NA Sioux
Saint Bernard NA Platte
Bixby NA Fillmore
Hansen NA Adams
Northport NA Morrill
South Mitchell NA Scotts Bluff
South Bayard NA Morrill
Sparta NA Knox
South Morrill NA Scotts Bluff
Spelts NA Valley
Stafford NA Holt
Spurville NA Stanton
Swan Lake NA Holt
Sumter NA Valley
Havens NA Merrick
Glenrock NA Nemaha
Beechwood NA Douglas
Perry NA Red Willow
Mills NA Keya Paha
Walnut NA Knox
Pauline NA Adams
Green Meadows NA Douglas
Olean NA Colfax
Goodwin NA Dakota
Halloran NA Adams
Heber NA Merrick
Rohrs NA Nemaha
Altona NA Wayne
Amboy NA Webster
Alfalfa Center NA Buffalo
Almeria NA Loup
Akron NA Boone
Alden NA Morrill
Abel NA Saunders
Mount Vernon NA Cheyenne
Lake Platte View NA Douglas
Lakeside NA Sheridan
Scoville NA Sioux
Saltillo NA Lancaster
Sanborn NA Dundy
Shestak NA Saline
Simeon NA Cherry
Sears NA Scotts Bluff
Sedan NA Nuckolls
Smyrna NA Nuckolls
Somerset NA Lincoln
Abbott NA Hall
Gladstone NA Jefferson
Belmont NA Dawes
Vorhees NA Boone
Sandridge NA Brown
Broganville NA Keith
Brayton NA Greeley
Bonner NA Morrill
Blaine NA Adams
De Soto NA Washington
Rumsey NA Sarpy
Logan NA Logan
Lodi NA Custer
Linscott NA Blaine
Level NA Adams
Letan NA Box Butte
Bostwick NA Nuckolls
Rellers Park NA Douglas
Sacramento NA Phelps
Ruthton NA Keith
Rudy NA Jefferson
Ruby NA Seward
Rosemont NA Webster
Saint Michael NA Buffalo
North Star NA Nance
Lanham NA Gage
Wyoming NA Otoe
Covert NA Scotts Bluff
Wagners Lake NA Platte
North Shore NA Dakota
Angus NA Nuckolls
Meadville NA Keya Paha
Meek NA Holt
Elk City NA Douglas
Amelia NA Holt
Menominee NA Cedar
Mercer NA Douglas
Merchiston NA Nance
Precept NA Furnas
Constance NA Cedar
Coker NA Lincoln
Mascot NA Harlan
Megeath NA Keith
Mapps NA York
Marengo NA Hayes
Marian Center NA Lancaster
Martland NA Fillmore
Mayberry NA Pawnee
McKeag NA Arthur
Powell NA Jefferson
Hedrix NA Jefferson
Hord NA Merrick
Hoffland NA Sheridan
Hire NA Cherry
Oreapolis NA Cass
Timber Creek NA Nance
Thompson NA Jefferson
Saint James NA Cedar
Webster NA Dodge
Thatcher NA Cherry
Ellis NA Gage
Redington NA Morrill
Roach NA Sioux
Prairie Center NA Buffalo
Quick NA Frontier
Red Willow NA Red Willow
Redbird NA Holt
Redus NA Scotts Bluff
Riverside NA Saunders
Riverview NA Keya Paha
Vesta NA Johnson
Midway NA Holt
Holland NA Lancaster
Hollinger NA Furnas
Denman NA Buffalo
Verona NA Clay
Lowell NA Kearney
Greeley NA Greeley
Colton NA Cheyenne
Hayland NA Adams
Marsland NA Dawes
Kennedy NA Cherry
Keith NA Lincoln
Keene NA Kearney
Kemp NA Morrill
Kelso NA Hooker
Josselyn NA Dawson
Joyce NA Scotts Bluff
Opportunity NA Holt
Orafino NA Frontier
Irvington NA Douglas
Five Points NA Sioux
Story NA Sioux
Angora NA Morrill
Avery NA Sarpy
Newark NA Kearney
Eli NA Cherry
Portal NA Sarpy
Point of Rocks NA Cheyenne
Pleasant Valley NA Cedar
Pine Ridge NA Dawes
Pishelville NA Knox
Piper NA Morrill
Millerton NA Butler
Milburn NA Custer
Day Ranch NA Wheeler
Enola NA Madison
Ellsworth NA Sheridan
Oconee NA Platte
Birdwood NA Lincoln
Bignell NA Lincoln
Bradley NA Scotts Bluff
Bow Valley Mills NA Cedar
Bordeaux NA Dawes
Bookwalter NA Pawnee
Mariaville NA Rock
Marion NA Red Willow
Lena NA Arthur
Lane NA Douglas
Leat NA Cherry
Krider NA Gage
Koller NA Kearney
Koshopah NA Brown
Knox NA York
Knoxville NA Knox
Riverside Park NA Merrick
Grover NA Seward
Centerville NA Lancaster
Purdum NA Blaine
Pleasant Hill NA Saline
Touhy NA Saunders
Sparks NA Cherry
Woodcliff NA Saunders
Jane NA Scotts Bluff
Irwin NA Cherry
Kronborg NA Hamilton
Walworth NA Custer
Ringgold NA McPherson
Saint Stephens NA Nuckolls
Fort Crook NA Sarpy
Pelton NA Scotts Bluff
Perrin NA Morrill
Pawnee Village NA Webster
Paddock NA Merrick
Owasco NA Kimball
Ovina NA Hall
Jamison NA Keya Paha
Cushman NA Lancaster
Mount Clare NA Nuckolls
Lockwood NA Merrick
Lime Grove NA Dixon
Nonpareil NA Box Butte
Hoagland NA Logan
Koinzan Ranch NA Wheeler
Straussville NA Richardson
Worms NA Merrick
Beverly NA Hitchcock
Bayonne NA Cherry
Beck NA Lincoln
Berks NA Lancaster
Badger NA Gage
Barton NA Deuel
Baxter NA Scotts Bluff
Paul NA Otoe
Huskerville NA Lancaster
Dukeville NA Knox
Elsmere NA Cherry
Edholm NA Butler
Dyer NA Keya Paha
Dustin NA Holt
Durant NA Polk
Duluth NA Grant
Duff NA Rock
Doyle NA Scotts Bluff
Breslau NA Pierce
Brandon NA Perkins
Assumption NA Adams
Ashby NA Grant
Round Valley NA Custer
Mignery Ranch NA Wheeler
Weissert NA Custer
Catalpa NA Holt
Cascade NA Cherry
Clyde NA Phelps
Closter NA Boone
Costin NA Scotts Bluff
Craft NA Morrill
Rosenburg NA Platte
Ingleside NA Adams
Boone NA Boone
Telbasta NA Washington
Joder NA Sioux
Rackett NA Garden
Gardiner NA Platte
Saint Mary NA Johnson
Cullom NA Cass
Cumro NA Custer
DeGraw NA Morrill
Deloit NA Holt
Devils Gap NA Gosper
Dickens NA Lincoln
Dorsey NA Holt
Doughboy NA Cherry
South Yankton NA Cedar
Loma NA Butler
Nimburg NA Butler
Capehart NA Sarpy
Crowell NA Dodge
Wilson Ranch NA Holt
Hillerage NA Scotts Bluff
Rosedale NA Hall
Rose NA Rock
Aloys NA Cuming
Bertha NA Burt
Orum NA Washington
Rokeby NA Lancaster
Horace NA Greeley
Grainton NA Perkins
Buffalo NA Dawson
Burr Oak NA Custer
Buda NA Buffalo
Calora NA Arthur
Cameron NA Hall
Burress NA Fillmore
Cadams NA Nuckolls
Carlisle NA Fillmore
Carlson NA Scotts Bluff
Conterra NA Cherry
Nevens NA Keith
Nacora NA Dakota
Midland NA Knox
Mintle NA Scotts Bluff
Minersville NA Otoe
Mumper NA Garden
Mohler NA Morrill
Muriel NA Adams
Orella NA Dawes
Wescott NA Custer
Brownson NA Cheyenne
Heun NA Colfax
Helvey NA Jefferson
Heldt NA Scotts Bluff
Mynard NA Cass
Briggs NA Douglas
Bucktail NA Arthur
Lamont NA Dundy
Houston NA York
Hoag NA Gage
O'Connor NA Greeley
Buckeye NA Custer
Woodlawn NA Lancaster
Elberon NA Otoe
Oliver NA Kimball
Norden NA Keya Paha
Norway NA Thomas
New Helena NA Custer
Nim City NA Richardson
O'Fallons NA Lincoln
Oak Mill NA Nuckolls
Star NA Holt
Montrose NA Sioux
Natick NA Thomas
Nysted NA Howard
Janise NA Scotts Bluff
Jelen NA Knox
Jacinto NA Kimball
Jamaica NA Lancaster
James NA Scotts Bluff
Huntsman NA Cheyenne
Inez NA Holt
Cumminsville NA Wheeler
Horn NA Dawes
Willis NA Dakota
Vroman NA Lincoln
Venus NA Knox
Velma NA Arthur
Vance NA Morrill
Weir NA Hooker
Wee Town NA Pierce
Warnerville NA Madison
Murphy NA Hamilton
Nashville NA Washington
Whitman NA Grant
Dannevirke NA Howard
Darr NA Dawson
Saunders NA Valley
Sheldonville NA Platte
Monterey NA Cuming
Stokes Ranch NA Wheeler
Swedehome NA Polk
Meadow NA Sarpy
Antioch NA Sheridan

Counties in Nebraska

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