Everyone has one, don’t they? That distant relative who watched where technology was advancing and thirty years ago gave a hefty middle finger to the future and stopped? That was my great-aunt Louise. She absolutely hated computers and was extremely suspicious of cell phones. So naturally we kept her landline alive, complete with the package your provider is always trying to upsell you with and got her the cable contract as well. She was pretty happy, old Auntie Louise, and seemed of sharp mind so we didn’t keep too close of an eye on her.

Towards her later years, things started getting a little bit odd. We’d notice that she was switching her cereal of choice from the one’s she’d eaten her entire life to the store brand. She stopped buying the newspaper. Little hints like this that started to add up that something was wrong. I finally asked her point blank if she needed help financially – after all, social security pension’s only stretch so far. She refused to answer.

When she passed away last month, we finally realized just how bad things had gotten and we simply couldn’t understand how her bank accounts were drained so quickly. Fortunately, about two years prior, we’d convinced her to give up her trusty corded phone for a cordless one with a digital readout of the phone numbers calling in. This was how we started tracking down the scammers that had been taking advantage of our loved ones – they left their digits everywhere, which meant I could follow their digital footprints. With a Absolute People Search, I was reading out the numbers and in seconds was tracking down the sketchy companies who were calling my grandmother’s sister and promising her the world in exchange for her bank account information.

I can’t tell you what a gift it was to have Absolute People Search. With their detailed databases from government and corporate sources, I was able to find the owner’s names, addresses, and emails and begin to fight back. I was filing complaints with the respective bureaus and consumer protection agencies for the lies and manipulations they pulled. Thanks to Absolute People Search, I was able to track down how many different numbers called my auntie that all belonged to the same businesses. Her old phone was a perfect memory of the dates and times, and with a few simple clicks of a mouse I was acting like my own private investigator following these leads.

I know that it’s too late for my family member, but because of this wonderful and trustworthy website, I can find a dozen ways to try to shut down these sleazy companies to save someone else from all that heartache. Having a wealth of information meant that I was able to create a detailed account of exactly what had happened, by whom, and when. I never could have gotten as far as I have without their help and I know that I am now going to be able to fight on behalf of others who are being robbed of their life savings by unscrupulous characters.

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