Renting out the spare bedroom was always something I was interested in, but I’d never quite gotten around to joining the gig economy. When my eldest daughter moved out of the house, I realized that there was no time like the present! I quickly started reading up on all the latest blogs and local laws that were due to take effect as our legal system rushed to keep up with the changing times. How many days can I have guests? What counts as a short-term rental? What amenities do I need to ensure that I’m meeting all the requirements for a non-hotel? Then came the shopping: I have an air mattress, which is where that whole business started, but I really feel like I ought to have a real bed! So I started calling mattress stores and furniture galleries for quotes on a frame, headboard, dressers, and a sleek wardrobe just in case I had someone more long term. My sister had a friend of a friend who she passed along my number to come do an interior design quote.

I ran to a thrift store to get some extra outdoor furniture to put on our patio – a wooden table, chairs, a sunshade… all too big to fit in my little Honda, so I asked to have it delivered. I was having the time of my life making my dreams of running my own little bed and breakfast come true! But wouldn’t you know it, I started getting phone calls back from all these places with quotes and trying to schedule deliveries and getting coverage for my home for a better umbrella policy should something happen to my guest! And since I get lost in my own little world decorating, I wouldn’t hear my phone and come back to six missed calls from unknown numbers and not a single voicemail. I guess other people hate hearing their own voice as much as I do!

So what could a poor host do but use Absolute People Search to know who to ring back? I had so many quotes and practically needed an excel spreadsheet to track who was what! So that’s exactly what I did: I opened a file and started using Absolute People Search in order to trawl through the databases and know exactly which number belonged to which contractor – not to mention realizing that a few of them were scams! I never would have realized it if the comprehensive information hadn’t led me to call centers on the other side of the country owning my so-called local mom-and-pop shop! I knew that I wanted my own AirBNB to be as locally sourced as possible!

This website made it so easy to do everything I needed, I couldn’t believe how quick the turn around was. With my dream on the line, I didn’t have time to waste with incorrect information or stumbling around those initial phone calls! This website helped me become classy and confident and become the business owner and hostess I’ve always wanted to become!

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