One of the worst things about managing employees for a large retail business is the sheer volume of numbers that you need to have saved. And, I’m not going to lie, I’m not very intentional about putting new hires into my phone. As much as I wish that our turnover were super low, especially around the Christmas season we have so many employees who show up to their first shift and never again. I would spend hours each week if I tried to keep up! Not to mention that it becomes even more confusing when I have four Joe M.’s, three Emily R.’s, and Kristen, Kirsten, Kristine, and Kristina all hired in the same month! I’d be texting the wrong employee all the time if I kept all the old one saved!

So my personal policy has been to wait – wait until someone has been on the roster at least three weeks before I save their number into my phone. This works pretty well for me as I’m not the scheduler or the first line to call if something goes wrong. But as upper management, I do get plenty of phone calls if they need to escalate. Unfortunately, occasionally those teammates slip through the cracks.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been rescued by Absolute People Search. Whether it’s a text or a missed phone call, all I need to do is copy the digits and in seconds I have the world at my fingertips. I can know in a flash which Mike has texted me thanks to the comprehensive and reliable data from public and private corporations. I can see which email is associated with the phone number and which addresses are connected with it. As much as I wish my own company had internal software to do the job, I know better than to expect them to spend money to make my life easier! So instead I turn to Absolute People Search and I can respond confidently and competently to my staff’s queries and requests. My own turnaround has a reputation for being as quick and reliable as the website I use! My workers know they can trust me just as much as I trust Absolute People Search to bring me information!

My supervisors were astounded when I moved into my role – I gained the respect of both my superiors and minions by working more quickly and efficiently when it came to replying to phone calls and texts. But it wasn’t just me – I didn’t have to waste so much time trying to decide who was talking to me in order to give an accurate answer! Click or tap, there I was with answers! I’ve let my colleagues in on my magic trick and now all of us are helping the store to run more smoothly every week. I know that by the time Black Friday rolls around we will crush the crowds and our staff will be proud to be working with us!

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