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Absolute People Search is not affiliated with any government agencies. We are a public record aggregator, we collect a vast variety of public records from many different public and private sources to make them easily accessible to the general public through simple searches.

How public records are stored in Nevada

In Nevada, public records are managed and provided by various government agencies at the state, county, and local levels. Some of the key government agencies that provide public records in Nevada include:

  1. Nevada Secretary of State: Maintains records related to business entities, including corporate filings, trademarks, and trade names.

  2. Nevada Department of Health and Human Services: Provides access to vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce records.

  3. Nevada Courts System: Provides access to court records, including civil, criminal, probate, and family court documents. Each county has its Clerk of Court's office where these records are typically maintained.

  4. Nevada Department of Corrections: Provides access to records related to incarcerated individuals, including inmate records and prison information.

  5. Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): Manages records related to vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, and driving records.

  6. Local County Recorder's Offices: Each county in Nevada typically has a Recorder's Office that maintains various records, including property deeds, land records, and real estate documents.

  7. City or Municipal Government Offices: Local government offices often provide access to records such as municipal ordinances, meeting minutes, property assessments, and permits.

  8. Nevada State Archives: Houses historical records, manuscripts, and other materials relevant to the history of Nevada and its residents.

It's important to note that while many public records are available for free or at a minimal cost, some agencies may charge fees for accessing certain records or conducting searches. Additionally, the process for requesting and accessing public records may vary depending on the agency and the type of record requested.

Nevada has 17 county courts, 39 cities with local governments, 469 unincorporated areas, 14 city police departments, and 17 county sheriff's departments.

Nevada also has 20 state agencies that collect records, which include: City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety, Nevada Gaming Control Board:, Clark County Fire Department, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Arson Bomb Unit, Clark County School District, Secretary of State Securities Division Enforcement Section, Las Vegas Municipal Court, Nevada Gaming Control Board:, Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Department of Public Safety Investigative Division, Nevada Gaming Control Board:, State Fire Marshal, Capitol Police, Nevada Gaming Control Board:, Department of Wildlife, Washoe County School District, Reno Tahoe Airport Authority, Union Pacific Railroad, Reno Municipal Court Marshal, Attorney General Investigations Division, etc.

You can select a specific city or county below to learn more about that area and its various agencies. But due to the large number of agencies and their varying capacity to provide records in an efficient manner, it can take a substantial amount of time and effort. Which is why we collect a large amount of records and make it easy to search for someone's complete record set by name and location. Just enter a name to view someone's full report, which also includes additional information like: full contact info, associates, family, address history, assets and social media.

Cities in Nevada

Please select a city below to access its public records, as well as view statistics about crime, income, education, etc in each city. We also provide instructions on how to directly access public records from government agencies in different cities.

City Population County
Las Vegas 2,150,370 Clark
Reno 463,328 Washoe
Henderson 311,250 Clark
North Las Vegas 259,638 Clark
Enterprise 219,566 Clark
Spring Valley 217,441 Clark
Sunrise Manor 196,411 Clark
Paradise 189,852 Clark
Sparks 106,900 Washoe
Carson City 57,957 Carson City
Whitney 45,105 Clark
Pahrump 42,471 Nye
Winchester 36,307 Clark
Summerlin South 28,861 Clark
Sun Valley 22,622 Washoe
Fernley 22,343 Lyon
Elko 20,391 Elko
Mesquite 20,019 Clark
Spanish Springs 16,131 Washoe
Spring Creek 15,176 Elko
Dayton 15,036 Lyon
Boulder City 14,868 Clark
Gardnerville Ranchos 11,761 Douglas
Cold Springs 10,920 Washoe
Incline Village 9,440 Washoe
Fallon 9,068 Churchill
Winnemucca 8,325 Humboldt
Laughlin 8,174 Clark
Moapa Valley 7,436 Clark
Johnson Lane 6,277 Douglas
Gardnerville 6,037 Douglas
Indian Hills 5,955 Douglas
Lemmon Valley 5,100 Washoe
Silver Springs 4,684 Lyon
West Wendover 4,517 Elko
Battle Mountain 4,122 Lander
Ely 3,983 White Pine
Nellis AFB 3,626 Clark
Minden 3,335 Douglas
Yerington 3,093 Lyon
Washoe Valley 2,800 Washoe
Hawthorne 2,786 Mineral
Stagecoach 2,313 Lyon
Carlin 2,279 Elko
Kingsbury 1,981 Douglas
Tonopah 1,895 Nye
Lovelock 1,747 Pershing
Sandy Valley 1,723 Clark
Topaz Ranch Estates 1,654 Douglas
Ruhenstroth 1,511 Douglas
Amargosa Valley 1,455 Nye
Smith Valley 1,454 Lyon
East Valley 1,450 Douglas
Mogul 1,421 Washoe
Pioche 1,158 Lincoln
Alamo 1,154 Lincoln
Jackpot 1,130 Elko
Wells 1,105 Elko
Verdi 1,094 Washoe
Panaca 1,038 Lincoln
Schurz 960 Mineral
Genoa 958 Douglas
Bunkerville 949 Clark
Grass Valley 931 Pershing
Owyhee 921 Elko
Stateline 916 Douglas
Osino 912 Elko
Golden Valley 911 Washoe
Round Hill Village 884 Douglas
McGill 838 White Pine
Indian Springs 794 Clark
Fallon Station 791 Churchill
Virginia City 770 Storey
Beatty 762 Nye
Wadsworth 721 Washoe
Caliente 686 Lincoln
Zephyr Cove 662 Douglas
Moapa Town 641 Clark
Fish Springs 555 Douglas
Carter Springs 451 Douglas
Crescent Valley 443 Eureka
Mount Charleston 415 Clark
Eureka 340 Eureka
Skyland 329 Douglas
Walker Lake 313 Mineral
Searchlight 308 Clark
Sutcliffe 304 Washoe
Nixon 304 Washoe
Blue Diamond 299 Clark
Dyer 291 Esmeralda
Double Spring 284 Douglas
Fort McDermitt 283 Humboldt
Lakeridge 255 Douglas
Glenbrook 253 Douglas
Topaz Lake 229 Douglas
Humboldt River Ranch 228 Pershing
Goldfield 224 Esmeralda
Crystal Bay 215 Washoe
Ruth 211 White Pine
Silver Peak 195 Esmeralda
Cal-Nev-Ari 189 Clark
Preston 173 White Pine
Mina 158 Mineral
Empire 156 Washoe
Paradise Valley 151 Humboldt
Lund 145 White Pine
Imlay 139 Pershing
Golconda 127 Humboldt
Bennett Springs 121 Lincoln
Gabbs 111 Nye
McDermitt 109 Humboldt
Silver City 96 Lyon
Kingston 90 Lander
Goodsprings 84 Clark
Logan Creek 78 Douglas
Lamoille 63 Elko
Orovada 58 Humboldt
Gerlach 54 Washoe
Nelson 38 Clark
Oasis 36 Elko
Valmy 32 Humboldt
Baker 32 White Pine
Beaverdam 24 Lincoln
Austin 18 Lander
Mountain City 12 Elko
Hiko 10 Lincoln
Ursine NA Lincoln
Dry Valley NA Lincoln
Denio NA Humboldt
Unionville NA Pershing
Rachel NA Lincoln
Montello NA Elko
Mount Wilson NA Lincoln
Deeth NA Elko
Gold Hill NA Storey
Greens NA White Pine
Sulphur NA Humboldt
Jean NA Clark
Islen NA Lincoln
Raleigh Heights NA Washoe
Copperfield NA Washoe
Shanty Town NA Elko
Manhattan NA Nye
Lincoln Park NA Douglas
Round Mountain NA Nye
Bull Fork NA Nye
Calumet NA White Pine
Cactus Springs NA Clark
Palisade NA Eureka
Tyrol NA Elko
Tybo NA Nye
Tungsten NA Pershing
Tule NA Humboldt
Tulasco NA Elko
Tokop NA Esmeralda
Thisby NA Storey
Vivian NA Elko
Wann NA Clark
Vista NA Washoe
Valley NA Clark
Warm Springs NA White Pine
Hidden Valley NA Washoe
Dresslerville NA Douglas
Welcome NA Elko
Shannon NA Eureka
Rhyolite NA Nye
Sulfur NA Lyon
Proctor NA Elko
Ola NA Elko
Phil NA Washoe
Perth NA Pershing
Clark NA Storey
Stillwater NA Churchill
Columbus NA Esmeralda
Como NA Lyon
Clifside NA Elko
Cluro NA Eureka
Churchill NA Lyon
Colado NA Pershing
Coin NA Elko
Sprucemont NA Elko
Steptoe NA White Pine
Stine NA Lincoln
Sugar Bunker NA Nye
Sutro NA Lyon
Talapoosa NA Lyon
Tecoma NA Elko
Alkali NA Esmeralda
Riepetown NA White Pine
Garnet NA Clark
Lee NA Elko
Gold Point NA Esmeralda
Del Monte NA Mineral
Caselton Heights NA Lincoln
Sloan NA Clark
Shafter NA Elko
Crows Nest NA Nye
Steigmeyer Mill NA Nye
Fleish NA Washoe
Fletcher NA Mineral
Wilkins NA Elko
Williams Cabin NA Elko
Charleston NA Elko
Centerville NA Douglas
Sheridan NA Douglas
Overton NA Clark
Edgewood NA Douglas
Osceola NA White Pine
Hamilton NA White Pine
Cherry Creek NA White Pine
Zenobia NA Washoe
West Spring NA Esmeralda
Weso NA Humboldt
Oreana NA Pershing
East Las Vegas NA Clark
North Fork NA Elko
Pilot NA Elko
Dry Lake NA Clark
Bonnie Claire NA Nye
Desert View Point NA Clark
Contact NA Elko
Cobre NA Elko
Lake Las Vegas NA Clark
Alazon NA Elko
Argenta NA Lander
Crestline NA Lincoln
Kimberly NA White Pine
Kampos NA Lander
Lane City NA White Pine
San Jacinto NA Elko
Lockwood NA Storey
Lockes NA Nye
Kodak NA Pershing
Knight NA Humboldt
Kinkaid NA Mineral
Kyle Hot Springs NA Pershing
Harney NA Eureka
Copper Flat NA White Pine
Carvers NA Nye
Etna NA Lincoln
Glassand NA Clark
Jenkins NA Lander
Valley View NA Nye
Ute NA Clark
Weepah NA Esmeralda
Roach NA Clark
Patsville NA Elko
Pequop NA Elko
Parran NA Churchill
Olinghouse NA Washoe
Walleys Hot Springs NA Douglas
Trego NA Pershing
Ventosa NA Elko
Florence Hill NA Esmeralda
Mustang NA Washoe
Washoe City NA Washoe
Lida NA Esmeralda
Sand Pass NA Washoe
Mellan NA Nye
Mendha NA Lincoln
Marietta NA Mineral
Martin NA Washoe
McCoy NA Lander
Loray NA Elko
Lovell NA Clark
Lower Rochester NA Pershing
Thorne NA Mineral
McLeans NA Esmeralda
Lux NA Lyon
Midas NA Elko
Rock House NA Elko
Goldyke NA Nye
Mason NA Lyon
Steamboat NA Washoe
Mound House NA Lyon
Tenabo NA Lander
Ryndon NA Elko
Woolsey NA Pershing
Glendale NA Clark
Gold Acres NA Lander
Luning NA Mineral
Tahoe Village NA Douglas
Helene NA Lincoln
Granite Point NA Pershing
Herrin NA Humboldt
Holborn NA Elko
Hogan NA Elko
Hoya NA Lincoln
Horseshoe Bend NA Lincoln
Hunter NA Elko
Franktown NA Washoe
Basalt NA Mineral
Barth NA Eureka
Bard NA Clark
Bannock NA Lander
Diatom NA Churchill
Awakening NA Humboldt
Big Trees NA Lincoln
Moapa NA Clark
Belmont NA Nye
Belmont Mill NA White Pine
Shermantown NA White Pine
Camp Desert Rock NA Nye
Grantsville NA Nye
Pleasant Valley NA Washoe
Point of Rocks NA Elko
Henry NA Elko
Hafed NA Washoe
Huxley NA Churchill
Indian Cove NA Lincoln
Keystone NA White Pine
Melandco NA Elko
Acoma NA Lincoln
Halleck NA Elko
Douglas NA White Pine
Dunphy NA Eureka
Nordyke NA Lyon
Tuscarora NA Elko
Yankee Blade NA Lander
Jarbidge NA Elko
Jackman NA Clark
Joseco NA Lincoln
Jessup NA Churchill
Johnnie NA Nye
Pyramid NA Washoe
Reese River NA Nye
Cold Spring NA Lincoln
Cosgrave NA Pershing
Brown NA Lincoln
Buckeye NA Douglas
Blair NA Esmeralda
Bliss NA Humboldt
Bonnie Springs NA Clark
Borax NA Clark
Boyd NA Lincoln
Bracken NA Clark
Hazen NA Churchill
Berlin NA Nye
Carson Hot Springs NA Carson City
Mineral NA Eureka
Miriam NA Churchill
Midway NA Mineral
Middlegate NA Churchill
Millers NA Esmeralda
Montezuma Wells NA Esmeralda
Montezuma NA Esmeralda
Panther Valley NA Washoe
Riverside NA Clark
Sunnyside NA Nye
Echo Bay NA Clark
Copper Basin NA Lander
Minerva NA White Pine
Mill City NA Pershing
Moleen NA Elko
Grand View Terrace NA Washoe
Darroughs Hot Springs NA Nye
Vya NA Washoe
Wabuska NA Lyon
Elgin NA Lincoln
Rye Patch NA Pershing
Weed Heights NA Lyon
Arthur NA Elko
Fenelon NA Elko
Farrier NA Clark
Erie NA Clark
Ellison NA Humboldt
Elburz NA Elko
Gemfield NA Esmeralda
Galt NA Lincoln
Simpson NA Lyon
Eberhardt NA White Pine
Lavon NA White Pine
Lawton NA Washoe
Delamar NA Lincoln
Amber NA Clark
Adaven NA Nye
Adverse NA White Pine
Duckwater NA Nye
Ralston NA Nye
Raglan NA Humboldt
Primeaux NA Eureka
Preble NA Humboldt
Reynard NA Washoe
Rennox NA Lander
Red House NA Humboldt
Rawhide NA Mineral
Ripley NA Clark
Mount Airy NA Lander
Mud Springs NA Lincoln
Mosel NA Lander
Moor NA Elko
Morey NA Nye
Nightingale NA Pershing
Ninemile Rocks NA Lincoln
Smoke Creek NA Washoe
Wellington NA Lyon
Caselton NA Lincoln
Carp NA Lincoln
Babbitt NA Mineral
Logandale NA Clark
Pine Grove NA Lyon
Flanigan NA Washoe
Salt Wells NA Churchill
Baltimore Mill NA White Pine
Ione NA Nye
Eccles NA Lincoln
Dewitt Mill NA Lander
Ruby Valley NA Elko
Cortez NA Lander
Barclay NA Lincoln
Hadley NA Nye
Tonka NA Elko
Tippett NA White Pine
Toulon NA Pershing
Hogum NA White Pine
Gilpin NA Storey
Glenn NA White Pine
Gold Center NA Nye
Golden Arrow NA Nye
Stewarts Point NA Clark
Lakeview NA Carson City
Dolly Varden NA Elko
Atlanta NA Lincoln
Ash Springs NA Lincoln
Ashton NA Nye
Arrolime NA Clark
Arrowhead NA Clark
Arabia NA Pershing
Argo NA Lyon
Apex NA Clark
Petersons Mill NA Lander
Piute NA Lander
Poker Brown NA Pershing
Ocala NA Churchill
Pactolus NA Nye
Pony Springs NA Lincoln
Primm NA Clark
Cordero NA Humboldt
Frenchman NA Churchill
Gold Hit NA Esmeralda
Buckingham Camp NA Lander
Gouge Eye NA Humboldt
Border Town NA Washoe
Mountain Springs NA Clark
Prince NA Lincoln
Gold Quartz NA Lander
Rose Creek NA Humboldt
Rixies NA Eureka
Ruppes Place NA White Pine
Kyle NA Lincoln
Coaldale NA Esmeralda
Willow Grove NA White Pine
Mizpah NA Elko
Daveytown NA Humboldt
Darwin NA Lyon
Crossroads NA Lincoln
Currant NA Nye
Comus NA Humboldt
Coyote Hole NA Esmeralda
East Ely NA White Pine
Massie NA Churchill
Mosier NA White Pine
Mottsville NA Douglas
Mount Montgomery NA Mineral
Shoshone NA Eureka
Springdale NA Nye
Sano NA Washoe
Scossa NA Pershing
Scraper Springs NA Elko
Silverbow NA Nye
Shores NA Elko
Rox NA Lincoln
Tempiute NA Lincoln
Sodaville NA Mineral
Currie NA Elko
Delaplain NA Elko
Eastgate NA Churchill
Jiggs NA Elko
New Washoe City NA Washoe
Mercury NA Nye
Paradise Hill NA Humboldt
Pronto NA Humboldt
Brucite NA Nye
Alpha NA Eureka
Crystal NA Nye
Beowawe NA Eureka
Dyke NA Humboldt
Dodge NA Washoe
Dixie NA Churchill
Dixie Valley NA Churchill
Decoy NA Elko
Deep Creek NA Elko
Spruce NA Elko
Arden NA Clark
Patrick NA Storey
Blackburn NA Eureka
Rowland NA Elko
Union NA Nye
Hilltop NA Lander
Sage NA Elko
Rose Valley NA Lincoln
Rochester NA Pershing
Rosny NA Lander
Ruby NA Elko
Bullion NA Elko
Dinner Station NA Elko
Silver Zone NA Elko
Dike NA Clark

Counties in Nevada

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