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Accessing public records in South Lee, NH

South Lee is not incorporated with a local government but is designated as populated area by the US Census. As a result public records are held by the Strafford County court and the county clerk's office. Records related to criminal offenses are also held by Strafford County Sheriff's Office. Some of the larger surrounding cities are Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Worcester and Providence.

The below state agencies will also hold records for South Lee residents.

New Hampshire Secretary of State: Maintains records related to business entities, including corporate filings, trademarks, and trade names.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services: Provides access to vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce records.

New Hampshire Department of Corrections: Provides access to records related to incarcerated individuals, including inmate records and prison information.

New Hampshire Department of Safety: Manages records related to vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, and driving records.

In addition, other state entities that may contain records and reports in Strafford County include State Police: Strafford County and University of New Hampshire.

Complete public record stats in South Lee, NH

Crime rates in Strafford County

Primary law enforecment agencies in South Lee

Name Type County City
Strafford County Sheriff's Office County Strafford

Reporting Agency: Strafford County Sheriff's Office (per capita = reports per 100,000 residents)

Aggravated Assault

Last Year Count: 2 | 5-Year Average Count: 3 | Solved (5yr ave): 13.33%

Violent Crime

Last Year Count: 3 | 5-Year Average Count: 3.8 | Solved (5yr ave): 10.53%


Last Year Count: 0 | 5-Year Average Count: 0 | Solved (5yr ave): 0%


Last Year Count: 0 | 5-Year Average Count: 0.4 | Solved (5yr ave): 0%


Last Year Count: 0 | 5-Year Average Count: 0 | Solved (5yr ave): 0%


Last Year Count: 0 | 5-Year Average Count: 0 | Solved (5yr ave): 0%

Motor Vehicle Theft

Last Year Count: 0 | 5-Year Average Count: 0.2 | Solved (5yr ave): 0%


Last Year Count: 1 | 5-Year Average Count: 1.4 | Solved (5yr ave): 42.86%


Last Year Count: 1 | 5-Year Average Count: 0.8 | Solved (5yr ave): 0%

Property Crime

Last Year Count: 1 | 5-Year Average Count: 1.6 | Solved (5yr ave): 37.5%

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