Pamela J Morris

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2912 Maple Leaf Dr, La Grange, KY, 40031 (view map)

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Pamela was born on 12/01/1946. She is ethnically White and speaks English. The time zone that Pamela is located in is: Eastern. Based on financial information we have, the net worth for Ms. Morris is Greater than $499,999 which means she owns significant amounts of assets. As far as income goes, it looks like she makes around $75,000 - $99,999 on a yearly bases which is really good and normally requires higher levels of education. Most people who are 75 years old are making USD 49,330.00 per year. The home type that she lives in is a Single Family Home. She has a marital status of Married. As far as age goes, it looks like she is around 75 years old. Credit scores that we previously received for Pamela indicate the score is around 800+ which is obviously super good and hard to achieve. We have a poltical donor status of YES on file for Pamela. Pamela is a Home Owner in La Grange. To call Pamela you should probably use 5022432275.




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Greater than $499,999


$75,000 - $99,999

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Home Owner

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Single Family Home



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Russell Morris
2912 Maple Leaf Dr

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