Philip J Knight

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526 N Tara Ln, Wichita, KS, 67206 (view map)

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He is ethnically White and speaks English. Philip is a resident of Wichita which is located in KS. He currently lives in Wichita and is a Home Owner. It looks like the kind of home is a Single Family Home. It's looks like the best email address we have is He must like msn... 12/29/1942 is the date that Philip was born on. Public records would indicate that he is about 79 years old. In order to connect with Philip, you most likely want to call 3166342009. An IP address that has been previously associated is: but these change so it's hard to say if it's still the same or not. Records indicate that the net worth of Philip is somewhere around Greater than $499,999 which means he owns significant amounts of assets. Based on the time zone info we have Philip should be located in Central. He makes a yearly income of $250,000 + which puts Mr. Knight around the top 1% of income earners. Most people who are 79 are typically making USD 37,204.00 on yearly basis. We have Married listed as the marital status for Philip. Credit scores that we previously received for Philip indicate the score is around 750 - 799 which is excellent and hard to achieve.




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Greater than $499,999


$250,000 +

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750 - 799

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Home Owner

Home Owner

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Single Family Home

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