I got a new job recently as a secretary for a well-to-do businessperson out east. I swear, her previous assistant must have been a magician – either that, or she was bitter about being replaced. Maybe it’s the latter, because there is absolutely no information anywhere in this office about important numbers, names, or dates! She left me a pager of all things – I didn’t even know they still existed! But sure enough, it beeps and pages and summons me at all hours of the day and night. My head is underwater, but there’s one thing that’s been keeping me afloat: Absolute People Search!

I’m a millennial. I truly didn’t know how beepers even worked before I started working here – even though I remember floppy disks and dial-up internet and playing outside and all the things Boomers complain about me not knowing. But I was truly too young to have any experience with pagers – those were for doctor’s and lawyers, not ten-year-olds. So here I was handed this piece of ancient technology and told to run with it. What is a personal assistant to do? These confusing numbers flashing across that greenish screen, demanding my attention! I had to trawl the web in order to even realize that was a phone number. Well, as useful as that was with no little black book of important numbers, now I had a new conundrum. How was I ever supposed to reply to these nudges for attention if I didn’t know who they were, let alone pass along the most important ones to the head honcho?

I truly must have looked like a maniac those first few days, and my boss had a temper of the devil’s proportions. I crawled over every square inch of that office to find absolutely nothing of value when it came to a cheat-sheet for my employer’s favorite contacts, let alone the ones to ignore completely! Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long before some angelic soul took pity on me and pointed me towards Absolute People Search. It was like night and day how much easier things got after that! The pager would beep or the phone would ring. I would pick up on the second buzz as I quickly typed in the number and while the call was connecting would immediately have all the information I could possibly need for my contact. Thanks to Absolute People Search, I was no longer going in completely blind to these conversations and could have a couple of a precious seconds to orient myself instead of being caught off guard. I knew I could believe the information in front of me because of how comprehensive the databases were – I knew exactly if I was talking to the secretary of my boss’s business partner, the vendor he just communicated with, or his teenage son irritated that his dad won’t answer on his personal phone. Reverse phone lookup helped me to appear competent and confident – so much so that my fiery boss even complimented me at how quickly I caught on to the job!

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