I’ve been working for a local boutique hotel with a beautiful backyard patio that often gets used for weddings and senior photo shoots. For the last three years I have gradually taken on more responsibilities to the point I became the de facto manager long before actually getting the promotion. Yes, I’ve definitely been working above my pay grade, but I’m passionate about what I do! One of the downsides of that has been that I unintentionally am now always on call. Is there a leak in the laundromat? Is the sauna locked? Is a guest on their way out the front gate because his linens are too scratchy? Did a delivery driver get turned around? Is an event planner querying prices, or is a panicked bride checking in on our tents in case of inclement weather? Is a photographer calling to confirm dates, or is the local news station wanting to interview the owner about the laws affecting a small business? I truly do answer everything, but as I prefer to give my undivided attention to the task at hand, I rarely connect to a call as its incoming.

I don’t know the last time that you tried to listen to a voicemail, but they are a pain. My carrier forces me to go through about seven steps in order to retrieve it, and 80% of the time, people just leave their name and number and tell me to call them back without giving any more information. It is such a waste of time wading through all that process each time someone calls that I desperately needed something better. In comes the miraculous Absolute People Search. Within seconds, I can tap to copy the missed phone number and paste it into their search bar to have an extensive onslaught of information – I am instantly able to know whether I am speaking to a business (thank goodness for having emails attached to phone numbers!) or a guest from out of state. I have related addresses and faster than I could have even connected to my voicemail am returning the call and exchanging pleasantries. Reverse phone lookup has made me so much more efficient at my job and allowed me to work calmly and rationally despite being bombarded with information.

My beautiful hotel was practically drowning before I started working here, and the previous manager could barely operate a flip phone, let alone the work smartphone that I convinced the owner to invest in. I no longer am trapped under the weight of impossibility, thanks to Absolute People Search. I know I can believe in the accuracy of their information, because I’ve seen it too many times instantaneously to be proven true! Their databases come from governmental and commercial sources, and I’m so grateful how easy it is to literally have the world at my fingertips. My guests, my vendors, and our partners in the business all know they can count on me to get things done quickly. Now I just need to convince my boss to get me that raise!

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